How to get into esports and where to start?

I think many CS:GO fans dreamed of getting on the big stage, playing in front of thousands of spectators and leaving a mark on history. But how do you get into esports? I believe that there is no guarantee and a single answer. Therefore, I decided to help you with this. By collecting responses from various professional cyber players, I was able to identify common similar opinions. This is not a 100% answer to the question “how to get into eSports?”, but it will definitely help you take the first steps in this direction. On you will find the schedule of all esports tournaments, interesting and unique news about your favorite teams.

And so, here is my list, which brings together many professionals:


Of course, this is an important part, but you will say: “Pfft, this is already understandable.” Not! Unfortunately, many players do not understand this, the player’s task is not just to shoot perfectly, no. The important part is to be able to think correctly, have an iron character, remain calm in any critical situations and make the most optimal decisions for the development of the situation in seconds. You also have to hone your knowledge of time (when the enemy and at what second can reach a certain point on the map, know how long it can take to move to a certain point, etc.).


Yes, the whole game, both yours and your comrades, also directly depends on this. Staying calm is the “golden rule” in esports. The mood and skill of your comrades depend on this, so learn to control yourself, no matter how badly your opponents are unlucky in the game, or how much your teammates spoil the game.

Forget MM

The year is 2022, the number of cheaters in the game is growing, and with it new players. That is why MM will not lead to anything good. The chance of being noticed even on globals is 0. Forget about MM. Play on professional level playgrounds (Faceit, ESEA, etc.). These areas have higher level players and will make it harder to get around, but if you can get into the top spots in these areas, be sure to get noticed soon. And just then you will have access to the red carpet in eSports.

Team problem

I decided to put this paragraph almost at the end. Well, the road to esports is not open to everyone. So let’s be honest. Even if you assemble a team of your friends and just great players, you will not be able to break through as a team. Why? Let’s start with the fact that in the history of eSports there are much more solo players than already united teams. Most teams get into esports with a sponsor. And for this you need to invest a lot of money so that you are promoted and noticed. Therefore, do not waste time learning and looking for cool players, focus on your game.

Additional bonus

Here I will immediately say a few points that will not help so much, but will definitely be a plus. Let’s start with the fact that you need a PC that can run the game without the slightest hint of freezing. High-speed Internet, I think you understand all this very well that your reaction in the game and your shooting also depend on the performance of your PC and the Internet. Agree that hitting a target that moves smoothly is much easier.

Stream. I guarantee you that if you reach the top lines, having a good PC and the Internet, many people will watch you. A lot of people like to watch the pros play, and this will add more chances for you to be noticed, besides, you can get good support and even your first viewers, which can also promote you to eSports.

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