How To Get a Google Ad Exchange Account?

Getting a Google AdX account is the best approach to expand your app business and increase your ad revenues!

As an app publisher, you may use Google AdX to venture a large pool of demand-side platforms, resulting in higher profits.

Furthermore, Google Ad Exchange (AdX) has a reputation for delivering high eCPM and fill rates that all publishers strive for. Publishers that use Google AdX can leverage direct and preferred deals, as well as make use of additional tools for managing, optimizing, and monitoring their ad inventory. This benefits in increased bid competitiveness and higher ad revenue for you.

The further step towards any app publisher’s monetization plan is creating a Google AdX account. It’s an appealing and profitable venture, nonetheless, only qualified publishers have access to Google AdX. 

Before we get into how to start utilizing Google AdX, let’s first go through the fundamentals.

An Insight into Google Ad Exchange

Google Ad Exchange, often known as Google AdX, is Google’s programmatic marketplace enabling advertisers, app publishers, ad agencies, and ad networks to gather real-time impressions and earn cash.

Google AdX opens the door to some pretty extraordinary opportunities. For example, you can earn money by selling ad impressions and clicks to top brands and businesses from across the world. 

As an app publisher, you will be exposed to a pool of deep-pocketed advertisers willing to pay a higher price per impression, ultimately offering you higher returns.

How do Google AdX functions?

There are three types of auctions available to publishers through Google Ad Exchange:

  • Open Auction: This basic auction allows all publishers and advertisers to participate in the bidding.
  • Private Auctions: Publishers allow advertisers/demand partners to bid on a piece of their ad inventory, and only those purchasers are eligible to participate in the auction. Publishers can also set a minimum eCPM per buyer, allowing them to participate in bidding only if they match the publisher’s standards. The success of such auctions is greatly dependent on the publisher’s brand and audience profile.
  • Preferred Deals: This tool allows publishers to prioritize certain sponsors. They can provide the bidder of choice with exclusive access to the unique inventory before it is offered in public or private auctions.

Difference between Google AdX and Google AdMob

AdX, as opposed to Google AdMob, provides access to a considerably bigger inventory as well as a diverse pool of purchasers, including third-party networks and marketers. This leads to improved competitiveness and more income for publishers.

Furthermore, the platform has additional capabilities that provide publishers greater control over how their ad inventory is auctioned.

However, this results in a more resource-intensive procedure. Unlike Google AdMob, which Google AdX is referred to as the next-level monetization technique. However, one needs to go through the eligibility criteria to access Google AdX.

Eligibility Criteria to qualify for accessing Google AdX

It is quite difficult to gain access to Google AdX, and the qualifying requirements for AdX are rather complicated.

The following are the requirements for accessing Google Ad Exchange:

  • You must have at least 5 million app views each month.
  • No information or material linked to unauthorized medical information or medications; racial or religious beliefs; adult content; or the sale of cigarettes or alcohol should be included in your app.
  • As a publisher, you should keep an ads.txt file on your server.
  • The content or material should be in Google supported languages.

Google AdX is a robust ad network that, although being tough to join, has provided app publishers with large ad revenues. So, why do you need a Google AdX account and how can you access Google AdX if you do not qualify? 

Why should you open an AdX account?

AdX has a well-deserved reputation as the most profitable source of programmatic advertisements among app publishers.

It increases demand and competition for your inventory and results in a greater yield.Also, it provides you with independence, flexibility, and transparency.

How do you sign up for a Google AdX Account?

If you wish to gain access to Google AdX, the method outlined below will be your greatest guide. So, in this case, you have two basic options for gaining access to the AdX. These are:

  • Inquire with the Google Account Manager

Access to Google AdX accounts is only offered by invitation; however, you can contact Google to determine your eligibility. Inquire with your Google Account Manager to see whether you are qualified; if so, he or she will email you an invite link. You can utilize Google AdX after obtaining the invite link.

However, you must connect your app to Google Ad Exchange using Google Ad Manager. By linking your app, media buyers will be able to access your ad inventory via the AdX line items. Google Ad Manager gives you the option of configuring several accounts for different types of ad inventory.

What are the processes for signing up for Google Ad Exchange?
  1.       Open Google Ad Manager.
  2.       Navigate to Admin Linked Accounts.
  3.       Integrate Your Ad Exchange Properties
  4.       Navigate to the Ad Exchange tab.
  5.       Select the New Ad Exchange Link option.
  6.       Enter and Submit Your App URL
  7.       Your Ad Inventory Can Be Viewed
  • Collaboration with Google Channel Partners

Partnering with Google Channel Partner‘ is the next best option for getting direct access to Adx. These Google channel Partners provide you access to AdX inventory regardless of whether your app is AdX qualified. Google channel Partners additionally provide extra tools and services that can help you boost your ad revenues.

Authorized Google Partners make it simple and straightforward for publishers to not just use Google AdX, but also to monetize and maximize income.

It is regarded as an excellent alternative because it provides access to Ad Exchange and opens up a whole new vista of generating revenue .

Final Thoughts

Google AdX opens up a new horizon of advertisers and demand partners to monetize an app. With Google AdX, an app publisher can leverage a massive demand network, multiple auction opportunities, open bidding, and comprehensive optimization tools.

Additionally having a high earning potential combined with skills and experience of a Google Channel partner leaves no stone unturned..

If you are looking to maximize your app’s revenue and get all these benefits under one umbrella, Contact an AppBroda professional today. 

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