How to Find Affordable Engagement Rings at Rare Carat?

The hunt for the perfect engagement ring may be a hard but wonderful experience. James Allen makes it easy to find an engagement ring that fits your budget and to make the purchase online from the luxury of your own home or mobile device. If you’re on a tight budget, but still want a beautiful engagement ring, follow these simple tips to buy a diamond engagement ring from Rarecarat! So without any ado, let’s move to the main points;

1.   A Diamond Certificate May Not Provide the Full Picture

You may find up spending extra if you choose your diamond solely based on a lab certificate. A certificate helps verify the diamond’s authenticity and offers some basic information about the stone, but it cannot capture the diamond’s real beauty and worth. A diamond certificate will not explain why two diamonds with identical features can have such varying prices. The impact of flaws on a diamond’s beauty and the price is not indicated in the certification process. To understand fully the nature of a diamond’s inclusions, a real visual examination is required.

The Diamond Display Technology used by James Allen enables people to examine every diamond up close. With this technology, you can see the diamond as it is, complete with flaws and shine. Controlling the buying process and ensuring you’re obtaining the best diamond for your money is much easier when you can see it before you buy it in real life.

2.   Cut and shape come first

A diamond’s cut describes its shape and the number of edges it has. A stone’s shape refers to its general geometric outline (e.g. round, square, oval). The cut of a diamond can be assessed, but the shape cannot, yet both factors significantly impact the stone’s value and aesthetic qualities. The cut of a diamond is the single most essential factor that influences its brilliance and sparkle, hence you should spend as much as you can afford to get the best possible cut.

Choosing a diamond’s shape is a highly personal process, so pick the one that appeals to you the most. Making the decisions for the other two Cs, shape and cut, will be much simpler if you make that choice first. If you find the perfect cut and shape, you won’t feel the need to replace or update your ring for a long time, which will save you a lot of money.

3.   Good Polish is sufficient.

The term “polish” indicates the smoothness of the outside surface of the stone that is covered by the diamond. In most situations, a “good” rating for the polish of a diamond is quite enough. The vast majority of customers are unable to differentiate between diamonds with “good” and “excellent” polish.

4.   White Gold is a Wonderful Substitute for Platinum

Platinum is the most costly valuable metal used in jewelry while being the most popular ring metal. However, white gold is a wonderful and cost-effective alternative to platinum. The white/gray patina that develops on white gold gives it a beautiful look that is comparable to platinum. White gold is also highly scratch-resistant, lasts for a long time, and displays diamonds to their best advantage.

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