How to earn FFXIV Gil

There are many ways to get Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, but the quickest way is to complete tasks given by NPCs. These tasks reward players with gil, items, and even special mounts. To maximize efficiency, players should familiarize themselves with the various tasks that are available in the game and prioritize their completion. Gil can buy better weapons, hairstyles, mounts, and even a house in Final Fantasy XIV. We want lots of Gil. Complete quests, sell items, kill enemies, and do dungeons and challenges to earn Gil.

How to earn FFXIV Gil

There are many ways to make Gil, but they all take time and effort. There’s no quick way to become FFXIV’s richest player. Here are some easy, fast ways to make Gil.

Complete the Weekly Challenges

If you’re already playing Duty Roulette and Challenge Log, continue to complete the weekly challenge. These tasks offer tons of Gil and don’t take long, but other Gil-making methods are more lucrative.

To increase Duty Roulette Gil, be the “adventurer in need.” Tanks and healers give Gil bonuses (indicated by the icon left of the level requirement in the Duty Finder). Exchange Tomestones for fantastic stuff. This costs Gil.

Market Board lets you sell loot (the FFXIV auction house). Craft from its de-synthesis. Keep some parts and sell the rest.

Auction House

The fastest way to get Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is to use the Auction House. However, Gil can also be obtained by completing dungeons and raids and trading with other players.

Auction houses are a feature in many MMORPGs, including Final Fantasy XIV. They allow players to buy and sell items with other players. In Final Fantasy XIV, auction houses are located in each of the three cities (Lestallum, Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah). Players can only auction items that they have found or obtained through quests.

Crafting and gathering

Find a job if you want to get rich in FFXIV. For example, you can be a Weaver, Carpenter, Chef, or Botanist. Most of these jobs entail crafting (Hand Disciples), but a couple relies on gathering (Disciples of the Land).

Materials are always in demand, so collecting them can be lucrative (especially for Miners). Even the mostbasic materials sell at the market because crafters prefer to buy them. Treasure Maps can be sold or finished (more on that later).

Armorer, Goldsmith, and Alchemist make the most valuable items. Levelling these professions means crafting better gear, which will earn more Gil.

FFXIV Marketboard

What’s the most profitable item to sell after levelling gatherers and crafters? Demand varies, so there’s no perfect answer. Before buying something, check the Market Board. Most players want to save time or buy things they can’t make themselves. So they’ll pay well for high-level gear or bulk materials.

Click on an item to see who’s selling it and their prices. If you sell basics, stock up and keep it average or slightly below.

Retainer Ventures

Final Fantasy XIV’s Retainers can help you make money. After ‘Scions of the Seventh Dawn’ (level 17), you can send Retainers on ‘Retainer Ventures’. This gives Gil experience.

Your Retainers’ level and rewards improve as they complete more Ventures. Retainer Ventures are easy and grow over time, but they aren’t the most profitable way to make Gil.

Retainer Ventures require Venture currency. Beast Tribe Quests and Guildleves give them, or you can buy them from the Grand Company Vendor.

Grand Company Hunts

High-level Miners, Fishers, and Botanists gather FFXIV Treasure Maps. The market sells them too. After level 36’s ‘Treasures and Tribulations’ quest, you can read these maps and go on a Treasure Hunt. You can only retain one Treasure Map at a time, so mail the others to a friend.

Treasure Maps are a gamble because you don’t know what you’ll acquire. You can also sell the maps on the Market Board for a lesser but reliable stream of Gil.

Grand Company Hunts are an alternative to Treasure Hunts. First, your Grand Company’s Hunt Board lists available Hunts and rewards. Completing them earns you Gil and Seals that may be swapped for other things. Second, Lieutenants can use this feature.

Beast Tribe Quests

Final Fantasy XIV’s Beast Tribe Quests reward Gil, Tomestones, and Ventures, but that’s not all. Completing Beast Tribe quests will boost your reputation and unlock unique materials and items. Buy furnishings, horses, and minions from the Beast Tribe Vendor. Special dyes are expensive.

Buying FF14 Gil

Gill is easy to get. Crafting and gathering are fast ways to earn Gil in FFXIV. Other ways to make Gil entail combat. Gil should flow from players who run dungeons passively to artisans who sell them gear and consumables and to gatherers who sell resources to crafters. Though many players do everything, more are combat-focused. They’re featured. Buy ffxiv gil from overgear to avoid the grind.


Currencies are essential in every MMO, including FFXIV. FF14 Gil is used for gear repairs, teleports, auction gear and consumables. These activities require lots of Gil. You can farm Gil yourself, but like any MMO, it’s boring and takes a long time. Overgear sells Gil on multiple servers to avoid tedious farming.

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