How to Create the Ultimate Game Room Setup

Did you buy a new gaming console or build a new PC? Do you plan to turn your basement or room into a gaming room?

Whether it’s for yourself or to start a career in streaming, you’ll want to create the ultimate gaming room setup. There’s no better feeling than stepping into a room built and designed specifically for this hobby. It amplifies the cool factor and the mood for gaming.

Don’t fret if you don’t know where to start. We’ve got a few tips below to help you make the best video game room out there, so read on!

Starts With Your PC

Every gaming room starts with one thing: your PC or gaming console. For many, a PC is the way to go. Gaming consoles come and go, but a PC will remain as long as you maintain and upgrade it.

Of course, building a new computer instead of buying a readymade set is the preferred route. Not only is this cheaper but you get more options in terms of looks, processing power, and graphical capabilities. Why settle with a premade set that doesn’t come with the hardware you like when you can spend the same amount for a build suited to your gaming needs?

To build a powerful gaming PC, you will need to start with the motherboard. Make sure everything you buy works with that motherboard. Get a motherboard that can support multiple monitors and SSD drives too.

Your next step is to get a powerful processor, such as the new 12-generation Intel core processors. Pair this with a good GPU, like the NVidia RTX 3090, and a decent amount of memory. You’ll want at least 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM to start with.

Tips for Monitors

Every good gaming PC setup needs a good monitor. Look for monitors with a decent refresh rate. This is the most crucial part because the refresh rate can help prevent screen tearing and other graphical issues while gaming at maximum settings.

Of course, you’ll also want a monitor with a higher resolution. You can settle for something that outputs at 1080p or 2K resolutions, but the ideal route is to buy a 4K-capable monitor.

How many monitors should you get for your gaming room setup? If you only plan to play games by yourself, then a two-screen setup is fine. You’ll be able to play on one screen and use the other screen for looking up walkthroughs or social media pages.

For people who stream on Twitch or other channels, it’s better to get three screens. Use one screen for the game, another for OBS or Streamlabs, and then a vertical monitor for things like Discord or the stream chat.

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Supplementary Laptop

If you can’t build or afford a powerful gaming PC right now, you can settle for a decent laptop. A laptop with a decent processor, upgradeable RAM, and an NVidia or AMD GPU instead of an integrated one can get you pretty far. You can find some of the best gaming laptop deals right here.

Already got a good gaming PC? You’ll still want to get a supplementary laptop, elevated on a stand to keep it level with your hands and eyes. This can be your unit whenever you need to look something up on Google or when you want to monitor your stream on Twitch.

No space for a gaming laptop beside your PC and monitors? You can achieve the same results using a tablet that comes with a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s not as optimal as using a laptop but a tablet gets the job done when you’re first starting.

Console Gaming Tips

Not everyone likes to play on a PC. A lot of people prefer to game on a console, like the Playstation 5 or the new Switch OLED model. Gaming on consoles comes with a few great benefits after all, such as access to console-exclusive games and the comfort of playing far away from the TV.

For your gaming room setup, make sure the consoles don’t block your TV or monitors. Keep them accessible but not in the way.

You should leave space for controllers and charging ports too. Modern gaming consoles rely on wireless controllers, so you’ll need charging ports and extension cables for all of them.

Don’t skip out on the comfort factor either. Get a couch that you love to spend hours on.

Since consoles connect to a TV, you can take this opportunity to splurge a bit on your purchase. Get a TV that features HDR and ultra HD resolutions, and one that displays truer colors. An OLED TV can provide deeper blacks and better brights compared to an LED.

Picking a Theme

Don’t randomly pick any room decor for your gaming room. You’ll need to stay consistent with the type of decorations you use. The worst gaming rooms are the ones with random accessories and decor that don’t go well together.

For example, if you pick a Nintendo theme, you can set up posters for Nintendo games. Display your Amiibo figures and collectible Nintendo games. If you have a few plushies for Kirby and other cute Nintendo characters, go put those on display too!

Are you going for a darker theme? Use blue or purple LED lights. Display decor that reflects the more mature theme, like an action figure of Geralt from The Witcher 3 or Master Chief from the Halo franchise.

Of course, not all your decor has to relate to video games. You can find gaming room setup ideas on Instagram or Pinterest and discover some that go for a minimalist or office design.

The Right Gaming Chair

Although it won’t look like much in regards to your full gaming room set up, your chair can make or break the whole experience. You’ll need a gaming chair that you not only feel comfortable in but one that suits the theme and setup you want.

The most important thing to consider is the design. Go for an ergonomic chair design. This ensures you maintain both comfort and posture even though you’ll sit on it for hours.

Make sure the chair has padding for your neck and lumbar areas. Those parts see the most stress when playing video games for long periods. You’ll need to be able to adjust the height and back for optimal comfort too.

If you want additional accessories for your gaming chair, get one with a nice cup holder, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and a USB port to charge things like your controllers. Make sure the chair you get also has lockable chairs so you don’t accidentally move around when you’re busy playing.

Lights and More Lights

Every modern gaming room features good lights. The goal is to light up your gaming room while still maintaining a dark, movie theater vibe.

It’s impossible to find a gaming room setup nowadays without consistent use of LED lights. Most gamers use purple, blue, and light green because these are easy on the eyes and look great in pictures. Those colors also don’t cause bright reflections or glare on your monitor or TV.

Go for LED strip lights if you’re on a tight budget. You can also get background spotlights and color bars to fully light up your gaming corner. Make sure to set up the lights on the walls and behind your monitor or TV.

If you stream, you’ll also need a few bright lights to keep you visible on camera. You’ll want a studio light as your key light and a ring light with adjustable warmth so your face pops more on camera.

Wall Decor

Of course, your decorations on shelves and display cases aren’t the only things to plan. You may want to invest a bit for decent room renovation so you can add shelves on the walls, wall cabinets, and posters.

Start with shelves. Hanging shelves are a good starting point since they look nice, give you more space for decorations, but don’t get in the way. You can use the space to display video game cases, action figures, Amiibos, and other collectibles.

You don’t want the wall to look plain and empty. If you can’t add shelves, try to buy hooks for the walls and add posters. You can add movie posters since those are easy to find, but try to focus on posters of your favorite video games.

If you want to combine wall decor with lights, you can’t go wrong with Nanoleaf panels. These do cost a bit but are worth the investment. Not only do they provide great lighting but you can synchronize the colors and lights with your game or music.

Game Room Accessories

Every gaming room needs a few accessories. Start room decorating by getting a decent Bluetooth speaker system. A soundbar is a good choice since you can keep it out of the way but still get a booming, bombastic sound.

Looking for a cinematic sound system instead? Look for a Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 surround system. You’ll need to spread the speakers around the room and learn how to wire them together, but the sound experience is worth the effort.

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You’ll need accessories that not only look good but also enhance your gaming experience. Get things like all-in-one charging ports for your controllers, a USB hub for your keyboard and mouse, and a holder for your headset. If you collect physical games, you’ll want a case to hold the cartridges or CDs.

Organizing the Game Room

Yes, you need to organize your game room too. You don’t want it to look like a mess, especially when you have a lot on display.

Fortunately, you don’t need to invest in an expensive room remodel to achieve this. A few shelves, boxes, and ties can keep things in order.

Start by grouping related things together. Dedicate one shelf for all the video game cases you have and then another shelf or display cabinet for Amiibos and figures. If you buy limited edition or collector’s edition versions of games, set aside a corner of the game room to display those too.

Cable Management

One area that you need to organize the most is the number of cables. You’ll have a lot of cables running around by the time you finish setting up your gaming room. There will be cables for your PC, consoles, power extension cords, and USB cords.

It can all look like a jumbled mess that people can accidentally trip on, causing a fire.

The best way to prevent issues is to tie your cables. Use clips if you have to. This step alone can keep your cables looking more organized and neat.

You can also use boxes with special holes. Run the cables into them to hide them and prevent people from stepping or tripping over them. Boxes can also hide extension cords, USB hubs, and power supply boxes.

Staying Energy-Efficient

Use LED lights since those rank high when it comes to Energy Star ratings. Not only are they more efficient in lighting a room, but they also offer different colors. They save a lot on energy expenses too.

If you want to stay energy-efficient, use smart lights. You can set those up with a phone app, making it easier to keep the lights on or dim them when appropriate. You can also use smart technology to control the air conditioning and PC cooling.

Create the Ultimate Gaming Room Setup Today

Now you know how to create the ultimate video game room setup! There is a lot to work on, from building a good gaming PC to getting the right decor and lighting. However, following this guide will help you stay on the right track.

But why stop with this guide when we have more to offer? We cover a variety of topics, guaranteeing there’s a lot more to discover. Read more of our blog posts today for tons of technology, gaming, and sports tips.


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