How to Create a Mobile Game

Did you know that mobile games make some of the biggest money in the world? In 2020 alone, the mobile game industry saw a $77 billion return.

Who wouldn’t want to create a mobile game and make a profit? Your project could become the next big hit. You could make a splash the same way games like Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, and PUBG: Mobile.

Of course, it’s not easy to make a gaming app. Fortunately, we’ve got a rundown of the most crucial steps listed below. Keep on reading to learn more:

Secure Funding

The first step is to secure a source of financing. Video games aren’t cheap to make. You need to pay for all the software, such as the game engine, and then pay for all the hardware equipment and the staff’s salaries.

Not sure where to get funding?

You can ask investors, as the folks here did. Crowdfunding is also another good option. Some big titles, like Shovel Knight, became a reality thanks to their Kickstarter campaigns.

Get a Development Kit

You won’t know how to create a mobile game until you get a development kit. You can secure one for iOS game development and another for Android. If you aim to release a mobile game for both platforms, you’ll need to work with both kits.

Pick a Game Engine

The next step is to pick mobile game software you and your team feel comfortable using. A lot of mobile games run on the Unreal Engine, but you can also use Unity, GameMaker, RPG Maker, and Godot.

Designing the Game

Having an engine is only the beginning. Before you write a single line of code or draw art, you need to design the game. This requires a lot of game theory knowledge, ensuring you can make a game people will love to play.

Art, Music, Coding

Now it’s important to start developing the game. You need to split your teams according to each important task. You’ll need an art team to work on the visuals, a team for the sounds and music, and then coders skilled in a mobile game programming language.

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Don’t forget to have a reliable QA team too. These people will test the game to look for bugs and glitches. They can also help the coding and design teams to improve certain mechanics.

Marketing the Mobile Game

Finished developing the game? Now you need to release a mobile game and learn how to market it.

You can focus first on paid ads. If you have the budget, you can also ask social media influencers and notable Twitch or YouTube gamers to promote your title.

Create a Mobile Game Now

These are the basic steps to follow to create a mobile game. It all starts with a solid design and a reliable game engine. Test your game for bugs and utilize every avenue possible to promote the finished product.

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