What Are the Newest Mobile Games?

Did you know that more than 200 million people in the United States play at least one type of game on their smartphones?

Computer gamers and people who are looking for an activity for their commute play games on their phones to pass the time.

If you are looking for a new game to play on your device, there are some great options now out.

Continue reading to discover some of the best and newest mobile games that you can download to your phone!

Familiar Warfare

One of the most action-packed mobile games that you can download is Familiar Warfare.

Familiar Warfare is a fun video game that will require you to use your searching and battle skills. You will learn the truth of a past betrayal between the Gardel Civilization and Covenant Alliance. Your character in this game is the final survivor and must save the Land of Gardel.

This game is free to play and has excellent graphics.

Crossy Road

If you are looking for smartphone games for your children, Crossy Road is recommended.

Crossy Road is much like Frogger, where the goal is to get the chicken across the road. The pixelated image and bright colors make the game engaging and fun to play. Your child (and you) will enjoy helping the little chick get to the other side.

As you progress through each level it will get harder to play.

Final Fantasy VII

Highly rated in the best mobile games 2021 is Final Fantasy VII, The First Soldier.

This edition of Final Fantasy will keep you busy in battle and testing out different weapons. This game is interactive and has a good story to follow. As you battle through different locations, you will be able to meet other players.

If you like playing Call of Duty or other war games, this will be the perfect mobile app to download. You can play games like Final Fantasy on Gamemine at no cost.


Those looking for a multiplayer game should consider downloading Spaceteam.

Spaceteam is a fun game that combines missions and outer space. This game resembles Star Trek themes and you will have to navigate your way on a spaceship to survive. Each player gets tasked with a specific objective and you advance as a team.

This mobile game doesn’t cost anything and is rated among the best games. The graphics alone in this game will keep you concentrated and engaged with the game.

Play These New Mobile Games

There are many mobile games to choose from, whether you use an iPhone or Android.

Finding the best mobile games depends on what type of game you want to play. Smartphones make playing with friends easier than ever because of multiplayer games. They’re also great options for kids and people that aren’t interested in warfare.

Don’t be afraid to try a new game. These are some of the best to choose from, so you won’t be disappointed.

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