How To Choose and Dose Cannabis Oils And Tinctures

Tinctures and oils are among the most popular methods for the consumption of cannabis. The reason behind the two products becoming popular is the ease of use. From sublingual use by dropping it directly under the tongue to embedding it in baked goods, oils and tinctures can be put to use in many different ways to relish the benefits of cannabinoids.


But choosing the right product and identifying the appropriate dosage can be tricky. The increasing brands in the cannabis market combined with variable levels of dosing can leave users baffled with choices. But making the right choice concerning both aspects is crucial as it determines the efficacy. So here we present a simple guide on choosing the right cannabis tincture and oil product and dose effectively.

Understanding Oil and Tincture

CBD tinctures refer to the end product of alcohol-based extraction where the natural cannabinoids and other components of the cannabis plant are present in high-proof alcohol. Some products include other herbal extracts, vitamins, supplements, or flavoring agents to mask the bitter flavor. Tinctures last up to 5 years and typically come with high potency. One can use a dosage guide for THC tinctures and CBD to get the best benefits from the product.

CBD gummies, on the other hand, extract the cannabinoids from the flowers, seeds, and stalks into a carrier oil. The product is therefore easy to embed into infused foods. Oils are typically pure products without any flavoring or add-ons. Consequently, they are much more bitter than tinctures. They also express lower shelf life. However, oils are helpful for topical application, which is not the case with tinctures.

Choosing Oils And Tinctures

Find Origin

Read the label of the product to understand the origin. Organic hemp as the source is best for ensuring pesticide and chemical-free tincture or oil that can introduce impeccable therapeutic benefits to the body. Ensure the product is regulated and complies with the local cannabis laws to verify its efficacy. Also, purchase only from licensed dispensaries or online stores to ensure the final quality. You can ask for the COA or certificate of assurance that serves as the golden quality standard for cannabis products.


Know The Cannabinoid Ratio

THC and CBD are the two most common cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Tinctures and oils tend to contain one or more of these cannabinoids. Full spectrum products indicate the presence of the entire cocktail of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The broad spectrum category also expresses similar composition, except without the presence of THC. Isolate products carry only one cannabinoid. So be careful while choosing oils or tinctures to make the right choice concerning the cannabinoid composition.

Next, the CBD: THC ratio of tinctures and oils is essential for identifying the best products for your use. While THC invokes intoxication, CBD calms these effects. For some applications, the two cannabinoids may work together to elevate each other benefits as well. Therefore products with competent levels of both cannabinoids may work best due to the entourage effects. The 1:1 CBD: THC ratio is the most common choice of seasoned users. For novice users, CBD dominant products such as with a 30:1 ratio may work best. You can slowly increase THC levels if necessary for improved benefits.

Check The Ingredients

Most products introduce various ingredients, including flavoring agents, vitamins, and supplements in tinctures. But pure tinctures or oils may be the best choice to enjoy the magnificent effects of the plant. So avoid products with too many chemicals.

Additionally, look out for the extraction methods used during the processing of the oils to ensure there are no chemicals solvents present, as they could leave some traces in the final product.

Dosing On Oils And Tinctures

Dosing is an important part of enjoying the goodness of cannabis products. The right ratio of cannabinoids dosed in the perfect concentration can work miracles to bring you a plethora of benefits. Therefore identifying the appropriate dosage for your products, such as tinctures and oils, is crucial before you begin your journey with them.


Before discussing the dosage, remember that THC and CBD tinctures and oils work differently. While THC products can induce intoxication even at small levels, the typical effects of CBD, especially if an isolate, may not be obviously visible upon use. So the best measure is to identify the dosage level and continue for a few days before you can understand if the same is working for you. You can always increase the dosage if necessary during your journey.

The golden rule for dosing on cannabis tinctures or oils is always to start slow. The lowest suggested dosage is 0.10ml or 3 mg. You can move step by step from here as you get comfortable with the product.

For infusing into foods, you can divide the total dosage over the final product to get the dosage per piece. For example, if you were to add 10 ml of Cannabis oil to a gummy mixture to create 100 pieces, then.

Dosage per piece = 10/100 = 0.01 ml/ piece.

So to achieve a 0.10ml dosage, you should consume

 0.10/0.01= 10 pieces.


Are you confused about choosing the right cannabis tincture or oil? Use these tips and tricks to select the products that perfectly fit your requirements. Don`t forget to identify the perfect dosage using the above guide to help you get the best benefits.

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