How much is Vanuatu Citizenship?

Vanuatu is an independent island located in the southern Pacific Ocean. With a passport ranked 41st, a person holding Vanuatu’s passport can access 132 countries without a visa. Vanuatu’s’ passport also bears great opportunities and benefits for business holders, so people want to buy Vanuatu citizenship.

Applying for Vanuatu’s citizenship is simple and does not impose strict restrictions on the applicant’s eligibility. But there comes a problem when one wants to buy Vanuatu’s citizenship. People tend to ask, “How much is Vanuatu’s citizenship?” because of different payment plans according to different applicants. The solution to this question will be briefly discussed in this article.

Benefits of Vanuatu’s Passport:

Vanuatu offers great benefits to its passport holders. Some of the great benefits for Vanuatu’s Passport holders are mentioned below:

  • Visa-Free Entry in 132 Countries:

Vanuatu’s passport has been ranked 41st place globally, which means that its citizens can enter 132 different European countries and the United Kingdom without a visa for 180 days a year. People can travel and stay in different countries without the cost and hassle of qualifying for a visa.

  • Lowest citizenship by investment cost:

You can get Vanuatu’s citizenship with the lowest investment compared to other countries providing their citizenship through the same procedure. One can get Vanuatu’s citizenship for as low an investment as 180000 dollars.

  • Subsidy in tax:

You can establish a company in Vanuatu after getting your citizenship. You will be provided with a subsidy in taxes on all your profits and incomes for 20 years with a minimal fee of 300 dollars annually.

  • No minimum stay requirements:

Unlike other countries requiring you to stay there to get citizenship, Vanuatu imposes no such restrictions on the people applying for its citizenship. 

  • No language requirements:

Some countries offer you citizenship with the condition that you master their language, but Vanuatu frees you from all such conditions.

Eligibility Conditions:

You need to fulfill the following conditions to be eligible for applying for Vanuatu’s citizenship:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • You need to have assets of a minimum of 450000 US dollars in Vanuatu in the form of business, real estate, or bank balance.
  • You must not have been denied a visa from any country that provides Vanuatu visa-free access.
  • You must be clean with a criminal record.
  • It would be best if you were not suffering from any contagious disease

Costs of Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment:

Here are the prices of application in Vanuatu for citizenship:

  • A single applicant must pay 130,000 dollars
  • A couple (spouses) must pay 150,000 dollars
  • A couple with one kid must pay 165,000 dollars
  • A couple with two kids must pay 180,000 dollars

There are application processing and other costs that you are required to pay during the process:

  • The citizenship Processing Fee is about 150 dollars
  • The citizenship certificate fee is 100 dollars, and the application fee is 50 dollars
  • The diligence fee is 5000 dollars per person
  • The passport fee is 250 dollars per passport
  • Other fees are approximately 21,500 dollars


Vanuatu offers great benefits for its citizenship holders. Any person meeting their eligibility criteria can easily buy their citizenship. But there are different payment plans concerning the number and age of the applicants. People often ask, “How much is Vanuatu’s Citizenship?” We have briefly explained all the aspects of buying Vanuatu’s Citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Vanuatu allow dual citizenship?

Ans. Yes, a Vanuatu passport holder can hold a second passport. Vanuatu recognizes other countries’ citizenship.

Q2. How powerful is Vanuatu’s Passport?

Ans. Vanuatu’s passport is ranked as the 41st best passport in the world. Anyone who holds Vanuatu’s passport has access without a visa to 132 countries, including the United Kingdom.

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