How Much Does SEO Cost? (Hint: It Depends On Quality)

Paying less for any product or service just feels good, the higher the discount, the higher the savings. Who does not love to increase their buying capacity by getting a discounted price on a new acquisition? Even when it is very tempting to look exclusively at the price factor when making a purchase, neglecting quality can often lead to unpleasant experiences. Let’s face it, most times when a product or service is offered at an unreasonably low price and looks too good to be true, it ends up being a lame investment, and afterwards we can see that it was inconvenient to take part in such a deal. 

When it comes to hiring SEO services, it is crucial to know the market and be informed about the main factors that influence the price setting. Fortunately for you, in this article you will learn all you need before deciding if your SEO costs are in good balance, and take appropriate actions.

Price setting of an SEO firm

So, how much should you be paying to a SEO specialist? As much as we all love to get straight answers to our questions, this answer is subject to many elements that play an important role on the price that you will get, since these type of online marketing solutions are suited to your particular needs, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy and fee that can be applied, and even if you get a fixed price, the efforts required will be determined by your business’ circumstances. In fact, the cost of SEO services often ranges from $1,400 to $10,000 on a monthly basis, and some projects cost even more.

The cost of poor quality

In respect to the prices, the aforementioned estimated costs don’t mean that you can’t find some ‘juicy’ offers. In fact when you are on the search for a SEO specialist, you should be prepared and warned to deal with a number of providers who will promise you wonders for cheap services. Oftentimes these market sharks are found on Facebook ads or freelance hubs. One of the reasons why you should look for a reliable company rather than cheap advisers, is that there is a lot of work and investments to be done in order to reach your business’ goals, and hiring an inexperienced company can be counterproductive, which may result in expensive fixes.

Small businesses often pay less for SEO

The size of a company is absolutely important to determine how much work needs to be done, leading to different SEO costs. Although each company will set their own prices, each month you can expect to pay between $1,450 and $2,600 a month if your company is small, then if it is medium a fare of $1,650 to $7,800 is a good estimate, whereas a large business will often pay around $2,600 to $10,00 or more. Remember that a good SEO specialist will assess your business in terms of industry, market competition, target audience, your goals and more.

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