How a Gamer Can Make Money From His Hobby

Today, online gaming is not just entertainment for teenagers, but a multi-million dollar industry. In the fall of 2021, Team Spirit won an international Dota 2 tournament. The cyber athletes won more than $18,000,000. And in 2024, cybersports are planned to be included in the Olympic Games. Here’s how gamers can monetize their hobby, and how much they can earn.

Which Gaming Genres Can Help You Make Money

Annually hundreds of games are released on the market, but not all bring players money. Of course, people make money while gambling at PlayAmo36, but they also earn from online team games in which gamers battle with other participants in real time.


This is a team-based online game that is based on opposing sides or chasing opponents. Popular games include Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and Warface.


Genre represents a multiplayer online arena in which players from two teams fight each other. The aim of the game is to destroy the main building of the enemy team. Popular games are Dota 2, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm.

Battle Royale

In Battle Royale, many players fight in a limited area. The aim of each is the first to find a weapon and destroy enemies. Popular games include World of Tanks, Fortnite, Fubag.


Each player has characters and a section of the map with buildings. The aim of the game is to protect them from the attacks of the enemies and at the same time to destroy other people’s assets. Popular games are Warcraft and Starcraft.


This is a battle of one or more characters. The confrontation takes place in a limited area in a given period of time. The winner of one level is allowed to fight a stronger opponent. Popular games are Mortal Kombat and FIFA.

How to Make Money on Gaming 

Become a Cyber Athlete

Cyber team members receive a monthly salary and prize money for winning tournaments. This is one of the most difficult ways to monetize, but also the most profitable. 


Each cyber athlete specializes in one game – systematically plays it and gradually becomes a pro. But most tournament games are team games, so a gamer needs to assemble his team, for example, by looking for members on a gaming forum.


If a player often flashes in amateur tournaments and systematically shows high results, he may be noticed and invited to the professional team, which participates in international tournaments. Only high-level players can count on such an offer.

Become a Streamer

Streamers broadcast games live, for example on YouTube or Twitch. The authors of popular videos ask subscribers for donations. Streamers publish bank details or connect tools through which they collect donations. For example, if DonatePay is connected, a Donate button appears on the owner’s page, and any user can send a donation.


Viewers donate money to motivate the gamer to stream more often and devote more time to the development of the channel.


Channels with an audience of many thousands or millions of people can earn a lot from donations. Popular players have fans who donate regularly and in large sums. But many subscribers watch the streams for free.

Become a Trainer

Experienced players help newcomers through the game and get paid for it. Unlike professional eSports players, a coach doesn’t need to be a top player: it’s enough to play well and be a few notches above the student. 

Upgrade Accounts

At the start of the game, a user has a limited range of options, equipment and opponents. But the better pumped the character, the harder and more interesting the game. For example, to get access to ranked matches in Dota 2, the player must pass calibration – win the first 10 games of the ranked selection and prove his level of skill. This process takes at least 100 hours or one and a half to three weeks.

Become a Commentator

A cybersports commentator is no different from a sports commentator. He should have a good understanding of the game, but he may not be among the leaders. Usually a gamer from the crowd is invited as a commentator, e.g. a player who is not too strong, but still charismatic and well oratorical.

How to Improve Skills

Watch Replays

A player can improve his skill level for free. For example, watching your own and other people’s game recordings. This helps to see and analyze mistakes and good moves, train micro and macro control to make it easier to manage your character and understand what to do when, what to buy, and where to send your heroes.

Hire a Coach 

You don’t have to hire a top player. It is enough to have a coach’s rating higher than yours to pump the current level.

Get Trained

There are courses and even departments of additional education dedicated to online gaming. Most of the programs are aimed at improving the gaming skill in cybersports.

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