How much does it cost to invest in Grenada citizenship?

Applicants need to invest either $150,000 as a donation or $220,000 in a government-approved real estate project and maintain the property investment in Grenada for at least 5 years.

How much does Grenada citizenship cost?

In terms of cost for Grenada citizenship by investment, investors have two main options; a $150,000 donation to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund or an investment in Real Estate that starts from $220,000 with an additional $50,000 government fee.

How can I invest in Grenada citizenship?

Grenadian citizenship can be obtained through training either through a government donation, starting from $150,000, or by investing in government-approved real estate on the island from $220,000. The property must be kept for at least 5 years following the granting of citizenship.

How strong is a Grenada passport?

According to La Vida’s Passport Report, the Grenadian Passport is ranked 35 out of 109 countries when it comes to the most powerful passports in the world, and combined with a Nigerian passport provides visa-free access to 163 countries or 58.7% of the world’s GDP.

Does Grenada have dual citizenship?

Grenada recognizes dual citizenship, meaning investors can still benefit from their current passports. The Grenadian Citizenship by Investment Program offers the following prime benefits; Fast processing within four months.

Is Grenada a good place to live?

Grenada has a very low crime rate and is, therefore, one of the safest Caribbean islands to live in.

Does Grandanian need a visa for Canada?

Canadian tourist visa is required for Grenadian citizens. The stay is usually short with a period of 180 days and the visa expires in 180 days.

Can Grenada citizens work in the USA?

Grenada citizens can work in the US with an approved and valid that allows investors to work or run a business in the United States. There are 81 countries including Grenada that have a bilateral treaty with the USA for the E-2 investor visa. This gives them the right to live and work in the USA.

Which country sells citizenship?


Dominica established its citizenship-by-investment program in 1993. There are two options for citizenship-by-investment in Dominica. Investors can get full citizenship for themselves and their families.

What is the easiest citizenship to get?

Easy countries to Get Citizenship by Birthplace

. Canada.

. Fiji.

. Jamaica.

. Mexico.

. Panama.

. St Kitts and Nevis.

. The United States of America (USA).

. Uruguay.

Which citizenship is most valuable?

Ranking as the best citizenship in the world is Iceland, with Ireland not far behind. It’s been obvious for some time that Nordic countries tend to have fairly high living standards and one country playing into this rule in Iceland.

Which passport is the strongest in 2021?

The United Arab Emirates Now Has the Most Powerful Passport in the World. UAE’s passport dominates the Passport Index by Arton Capital at the moment. With current COVID-19 travel restrictions factored in, the UAE tops Arton Capital’s Passport Index with visa-free access to 160 destinations.

Is the Canadian passport powerful?

With visa-free access to 185 countries, Canadians enjoy one of the best-ranked passports in the world according to the latest ranking from the Henley Passport Index. Our travel document took the number seven spot worldwide alongside Australia, Czechia, Greece residency, and Malta.

Can you travel with two passports?

Can You Have Two Passports from Different Countries? Yes, many countries allow their citizens to hold more than one nationality. This means travelers can potentially hold a passport for each country they are a citizen of. Some people are automatically considered dual citizens from birth.

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