How Much Does a PMP Certification Cost? 

The demand for Project Management Professionals (PMP) is increasing worldwide. It’s because Project Management Professionals are highly skilled. They play a vital role in expanding the organisation’s success.


Project Management Institute (PMI) reported that the demand for PMPs will increase by 2.2 million annually by 2027. If you want a salary hike or promotion, a PMP certification will help you get started. A PMP certification will help you learn about best project management practices. Besides, it will help you showcase your skills to top employers worldwide.


Table of Contents  

  1. PMP training costs in various locations 
  1. PMP examination cost 
  1. PMP certification renewal cost  
  1. Conclusion    


PMP training costs in various locations 

Before evaluating the cost of PMP certification, you should know about what is PMP.PMP certification helps professionals to manage all types of projects efficiently, regardless of their scale and size. 


Professionals with a PMP certification can handle projects in almost all sectors like finance, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, etc. However, to pass the PMP exam, professionals should prepare thoroughly.


Several PMI Authorised Training Partners (ATPs) offer PMP training. This training program helps individuals to prepare for the exam. Also, it can be counted as 35 contact hours required to meet the eligibility of the PMP training.  The cost of PMP training can range from £250 and £4000. Let’s take a look at the amounts you need to pay for PMP training as per your location: 


Country   PMP Cost  
  Australia    800 AUD 
  United Kingdom    700 GBP 
  India    12000 INR 
  Canada    1,100 CAD 
  USA     800 USD  


The training helps you obtain the PDUs used to renew your certificate after three years.


PMP examination cost 

The PMP exam cost differs for non-PMI members and PMI members. PMI members can build a network with PMPs in different parts of the world. Additionally, PMI members receive notifications about best practices, the latest news and updates in the field of Project Management. Thus, it’s the best idea to become a PMI member.


A PMI member can obtain the PMP certification at a lower cost than a non-PMI member. If you are appearing for the PMP examination for the first time as a member of the PMI, the cost is £345.  


Whereas, as a non-PMI member, you’ll have to pay £473. You will also be permitted to sit for the PMP exam three times a year. Here, the re-examination fee is low-priced. If you’re a PMI member, you’ll have to pay a re-examination fee of £235. Whereas, a non-PMI member has to pay £320. 


The minimum validity of a PMP certification is up to three years. You can also renew your certificate after the expiry of its validity. To learn how to renew your PMP certification, you can check out the section below. 


PMP certification renewal cost  

Once you’ve written your examination, you should learn about the procedures you’ve to follow to renew your certification. It’s because the validity of your PMP certification is only three years. According to PMI’s guidelines, PMP professionals should acquire a specific number of PDUs. The number of PDUs you’ve earned is counted from when you got your accreditation. 


If you want to renew and retain the validity of your PMP certification, you’ll have to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs). Besides, Professional Development Units help to track the hours spent on official Project Management activities during a specific period. PMI members are required to pay £52 to renew their PMI certificate. In comparison, non-PMI members need to pay £152 to renew their certification.  


You can become a PMI member today to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. 



You can use the information available in this blog to evaluate the amount you have to pay to obtain your PMP certification. Besides you’ll also be able to get the necessary information to renew your PMP certification.   




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