Guide for beginners in World of Warcraft: Where to start?

If you haven’t heard anything about Blizzard’s most important MMORPG, it may seem rather complicated at first glance. In this article we will tell you the main points for beginners and how to start the game in general.

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World of Warcraft has a huge history, lore hundreds of different mechanics, races, characters, activities and much more that can scare novice players. But do not be afraid, because everything is much simpler than it looks. Today we will advise you how to take the first steps in this wonderful World of World of Warcraft.

Character Creation

The very beginning of the game introduces server selection, character creation, and race selection. This is an important, but no less exciting moment.

We advise you to create a character on a server with a medium or high population of people. There you can chat with other players, ask for advice, or even make new friends. Also, the number of players affects the waiting time in the queue, the time spent looking for teammates for raids, or trips. If one of your friends is already playing WoW, then it’s best for you to join this server. Your friend will always be happy to help you, because the WoW community has always been distinguished by its responsiveness and friendliness.

Each race in World of Warcraft has a number of special “bonuses” that are unique to it, which are some kind of unique abilities or bonuses from various types of craft. These bonuses are worth considering if it’s important for you to theoretically justify your choice, but don’t worry too much about these differences between races. But we advise you not to worry too much in choosing a race, just choose the one that you like either in appearance or in its history.


The choice of class is already a more important aspect. All further gameplay will depend on it. All classes are divided into 12 pieces, and they have 2-4 specializations. Different classes have different abilities, which will determine the further role of the player in the group.

It’s worth mentioning that each class can easily change their specialization out of combat, so you can always have up to 4 different playstyles. Therefore, beginners should not focus on the choice of the initial specialization.

For many classes, with a change in specialization, the combat system also changes, and hence the role of the character. Some can be like tanks, and when they change class, they become healers.

Also, some classes are made exclusively for dealing damage and changing their specializations will not significantly change their role.

Your first steps

Once you have created a character, the game begins. You will initially spawn in your race’s starting location. In order to start playing directly, you do not need to read a huge bunch of guides, or watch dozens of hours of video. In the world of WoW, everything is easy and understandable. Now you just need to start and complete quests, which can be taken from characters with a yellow exclamation mark above their heads. Complete quests, explore the world and gain experience.

You can quickly skip all of these dialogues and jump straight into combat, but WoW has an interesting world and story to keep an eye on. After all, this is what distinguishes WoW from other MMORPGs. The plots here are often interesting, and the dialogues may have hints on how and where to find this or that item, or why you need to kill this or that player. Remember that all this forms an interesting story for which millions of people play this game.

Upon reaching level 10, you will complete the starting tasks and new locations with their own quests and stories will open before you.

Interaction with other players

All MMORPG games are social games, the gameplay of which largely depends on the interaction and communication of people with each other. Even a lone player can find comrades for himself, and maybe real friends. When searching for a group, you will be placed in groups for completing quests and dungeons. Of course, playing with your friends will be an indescribable experience, because not only will it be easier for you to find a common strategy, but you can spend very fun hours spending it together with your good friends

Also, the best way to make new game friends is to join a guild. Of course, in order to join a guild, you will need to fulfill certain conditions or actions, but trust that a good guild will make your game even more interesting. Go to the guild search forums and find the right one for you.

Everything has its time

We have provided you with some recommendations for beginners. We hope we’ve given you everything you need to get started playing World of Warcraft. Fortunately, most of this is not too difficult to complete, so it will not be a big problem and you will soon be able to plunge into this huge and interesting world.

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