Gaming skins. What is a skin and why is it needed?

Passing some game in single player mode and not encountering multiplayer, you may not be aware of the existence of the word “skin”. What is this skin, we will now try to figure it out. You can find many skins at

Why gaming skin’s?

The word arose on its own, there is no exceptional history behind it. From English, skin translates as “skin”, but in gaming circles it is interpreted as “skin”. It is they who determine how this or that item will look in the game, and since for a single game such “skins” are practically of no interest to anyone, they are most often used in multiplayer in order to brag to other players or simply stand out among the crowd. For the most part, skins are add-ons and are not included in the standard set of game objects, but recently more and more games have been released where they are almost the main entertainment and are of great interest to gamers. You can get rare and expensive cs go skins by opening cases

Why are gaming skins so interesting?

You don’t have to look far to understand why almost any skin is so popular. We have already figured out what these “skins” are, it remains only to understand the desire of the players to possess them. Everything is pretty simple here. All of us in life have come across such moments when people began to hunt for something fashionable, whether it be clothes, appliances or something else. In games, almost the same situation occurs. New objects almost always become fashionable and popular, but only the most beautiful and rare of them remain just as popular, and all the rest are simply forgotten. By and large, the developer himself sets this fashion, for example, by setting a high price for an item, making it rare and difficult to obtain, but it often happens that the player community itself extols the item to a high level, thereby increasing its cost and demand.

What are SAMP skins?

Many people think that the words SAMP and skins are something similar, but in reality they are not. SAMP – San Andreas Multiplayer, which is the multiplayer mode for this game. In other words, this is a mod that allows you to play on servers with other gamers in the famous and old GTA: San Andreas. A separately downloaded SAMP client, the toy itself and high-speed Internet will provide an opportunity to plunge into the world of a wonderful gangster story along with a large number of the same fans. This is where it’s worth thinking about: why do we need SAMP skins? Understanding the meaning of these words, it is easy to guess that together they can only mean that in order to play in multiplayer we install for ourselves some kind of shells or “skins” that are popular among other users or unique and only we like. We hope

Weapons from CS: GO to GTA

For a couple of decades, people didn’t even call themselves gamers, and now they are already thinking about where to get hold of beautiful and expensive virtual things, which, in fact, are nothing but a picture on the screen. In the distant 90s, they could not even think that two completely different and popular games – GTA and CS – would someday intersect, but it happened, and the same skin was to blame. What can give a “skin” from one game in the process of another? You have to be a gamer to understand this.

Counter-Strike is a popular shooter all over the world, and Counter-Strike: Go is the newest version of an old game that many people remember from version 1.6. So, it was from here that people dragged many popular things, that is, the “CS: GO” shells ended up in GTA, thereby a peculiar and insignificant merger of these two greatest developments in the gaming industry took place. Since there is nothing in the shooter, except for the shells for weapons, gamers and GTA fans dragged them to themselves, and everyone already chose weapons to their liking, which led to the appearance of various packs with certain sets of barrels and knives. This is done, again, for visual beauty and variety, but it was not without the popularity of CS, because for some reason the shells are pulled from it, and not from another shooter.

Can I create a skin myself?

Surely many of you once tried to change something in the game itself by writing at least some of your own phrase, for example, displayed somewhere at the stage of completing any mission. This can be done with old toys, because they are weakly protected and have been subjected to similar changes thousands of times, and if you want to make a skin, then there is nothing difficult about it. The question is how to add it to the game, because it is already a little more complicated, here you have to go through mountains of information, but we are now talking about something else. Simply put, the creation of any shell occurs using graphic editors in which you work with existing skins, simply editing them as you wish. If you want to drag a thing from one game to another, for example, add “CS: GO” skins to GTA, then you already have to learn how to draw, in order to remake the models of the second application by dragging them from the first. In any case, if you want to do something like this, you will have to pay a lot of attention to learning how to work with graphic editors. Believe me, it will be easier to download ready-made mods in which kind people have done everything for you, but if there is a desire to create, then we wish you success.


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