Gaming Is Our Life

How dull it would be living in a world without any games. Your life would be turned into a daily working and home routine. There would be no desire to communicate with different people, or dream about visiting other worlds. No gambling, no soccer, no shooting the monsters, just boredom. Thanks to all game gods we can play games anytime we want. DO not hesitate and test your might and luck at We are going to proceed to talk about some latest gaming news. Enjoy! 

      Darkest Dungeon

     In 2020, the Mythic Games studio launched a fundraising campaign for the desktop version of the Darkest Dungeon roguelike. The developers planned to raise $300,000, but gamers ended up giving them over $5.6 million.

      The desktop game was supposed to go to backers in November 2021. Though, this never happened. The studio said that due to events taking place in the world, the cost of materials and shipping has increased dramatically. So if gamers want to get what they have already paid for, they will have to pay again.

      When the creators ended the Kickstarter campaign on November 6, 2020, the situation was very different from today. COVID, and then a special operation in Ukraine, led to a significant increase in costs not only for production but also for delivery. Delivery costs increased by an average of 600%. The cost of raw materials (paper, cardboard, plastic) increased by at least 30%.

     Today, the cost of shipping these games is $3.1 million which is higher than what the backers paid. In addition, due to rising oil and raw material prices, production costs amounted to another $350,000. This is a total of $1.75 million of additional costs that need to be paid.

     In order to ensure the sustainability of Mythic Games in terms of releasing our outstanding games and allowing our teams to continue to develop games, we had to make the decision to no longer bear all the additional costs.

     The developers said that they will pay half of the additional costs, and the remaining $875,000 will fall on the shoulders of the backers. Those who pre-ordered the base game will have to shell out another $18, while those who bought the full version with DLC will have to pay $29.

      The studio claims that the first wave of board games is already printed and ready to ship. It will include English versions of the main game and add-ons. But versions in other languages ​​will not begin to print until 2023.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

       The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account that monitors the PlayStation database shared that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a direct sequel to 2019’s Fallen Order, has been added to it. The game has a release date of March. It’s most likely just a stub. But it may indicate that they want to release the game in early 2023. Insiders also talked about this earlier.

So far, the game has only an announcement teaser. Presumably, the game will be released only on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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