Gaming Gadgets Make a Difference in Esports’ Growth

It is pretty remarkable how rapidly the gaming industry has grown. It started with the development of the internet, which allowed for more consoles to be built and sold because there was connectivity from the comfort of each person’s home. That allowed game developers to sell more copies of their products and invest more resources into developing online play.

Fast forward to the present day, and other developments have allowed the industry to continue to grow. While the NBA 2K league just had its draft and NBA expert picks were jokingly made, it generated a buzz to a league that has had staying power and continues to grow.

What people don’t realize is insider breaking gaming news, as well as the traditional trade news of their favorite teams, is helping the industry grow. Walk into some of the organization’s buildings, like the Indiana Pacers, and the gaming team’s logo is alongside the main club’s logo.

After the gaming industry grew in the 2000s because of the internet’s development, it took gradual leaps forward to where it is now. Here is a look at why gaming gadgets are making a difference.

The competitive era takes off

Once the industry grew from a product standpoint and game developers focused on smoothing out online play, the industry took another leap. There were already tournaments being broadcast on television – see the Madden Bowl played in Times Square – but streaming platforms allowed others to be discovered.

Gamers at the top of their class became a part of newly formed gaming organizations. They practiced profusely with their new teammates and began competing in tournaments, and professional leagues eventually formed. Similarly to the major sports, fans started following specific gamers and teams based on the collection of gamers they liked.

This competitiveness sprouted to amateur levels as gamers spent more time at home. That is especially true when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world. Some people lost their jobs and dedicated more time to gaming. It was a natural way to connect with friends and find new ways to compete while gyms were shut down.

Shift in gadgets

During this era, there were advancements in technology. Of course, there were new gaming consoles developed by Microsoft and Sony that enhanced gameplay, processing speeds, better graphics, and a better user experience.

The other major shift for competitive gamers was downsizing from a television to a gaming monitor (or more than one). TVs used to be great for LAN parties before the internet was developed because it was the only way for a party to play and observe. But long after the internet developed, gamers downshifted toward gaming monitors.

They doubled as great home setups to work from home but also as great gameplay mechanisms. The pictures were much better, with great colors and graphics. Using a smaller monitor than a television also condensed the space needed to see certain things in games, leading to quicker reaction times.

There were also different controllers and aids developed. Being able to use paddles was a good addition for some gamers. For others having better control of the joysticks with Kontrol Freeks was enough. This is an area where developers continue to make strides at better controllers, but the prices are getting heftier.

Streaming’s impact

Another result of the COVID-19 pandemic was people streaming. It was a great form of entertainment, especially when the sports world and concerts were shut down or had limited attendance to not aid the spread of the deadly virus. So people would watch content creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Many professionals stream their gameplay, a great way to learn new strategies and gameplay tricks and connect to develop a fan base. But the everyday person also picked up streaming. Some found out how difficult it was to be consistent with it. Others were able to develop great communities and even made it a full-time commitment.

There are a lot of great gadgets to help those in the streaming community. El Gato has developed several products to help the streaming community, and then there are camera and microphone upgrades for a better entertainment experience.

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