Games worth playing, genres and best projects

The gaming industry is not only developing at a tremendous pace and getting new graphical and physical features for gameplay that are worth trying for new experiences and emotions.

Not all projects from the selection will be of the World of Warcraft social type, in which you need to play with other players and buy WoW game gold – we will look at different genres.


These are social and large-scale projects that create a whole world for the players, where everyone decides who to be and what role to play.

You can be:

  • Adventure seeker.
  • Knight.
  • Healer and rescuer of the wounded.
  • resource collector.
  • Merchant.
  • Guild master.
  • Raid winner.
  • A storm of other players in PVP.

You decide which scenario to play and in what sequence to develop your character, but let’s look at the possibilities and perspectives that you can use.

Project selection

The most popular MMO RPGs at the moment are World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14, Tarisland, Destiny 2.

Choice of class and race

In fact, it doesn’t matter what class you choose, because no matter which character will be effective, the factor of personal pleasure is also important, without which it is simply impossible to play and develop in online games.

First steps

You will get acquainted with the system of quests and grind – free hunting for experience, gold and resources.

All training will take literally 10 minutes to get acquainted with the basic skills and abilities, opportunities to develop a character, and you will be sent to build the fate of your character.

Farm and grind

You decide in what way you will develop your hero, and it all depends on the style of play that is closer to you.

This can be accelerated quests in order to get through the starting stage and the middle period as quickly as possible in order to get to the top levels and spots and engage in serious grinding and mining of expensive resources for sale, or personal improvements.

You can also go a slower, more thoughtful and harmonious way, when you are not in a hurry, enjoy the process and just fully equip the hero at every stage of his development, but lose a lot of pace compared to faster players.

But do not forget that these two methods are perfectly dependent on each other and you can change the style of the game at any time – for example, catch up with the level for a major update, or vice versa – relax and start strengthening the hero to a high value for comfortable passing difficult raids.


You should try the shooter genre if you have a desire for a personal challenge and lack drive in most games.

The shooter requires more activity and emotional stability from you, because in addition to destroying opponents, you yourself will die, which can often infuriate players.

Shooters can be divided into single player and online, or game sessions.

Single shooters are an interesting gameplay company that immerses you in the plot of some event, which you influence with your decisions and with the help of weapons.

A single player allows you to enjoy the plot more, and the shooting itself serves only as a corridor way to relieve stress and feel like a soldier, sheriff, bandit, and so on.

Consider the popular series of games that you might like.

Far Cry

This is a series of games where for various reasons you become a hostage to circumstances and must get out of a trap, or raise an uprising and throw off a tyrant.

The most popular part was the 5 series.

A group of sectarians seizes the region under their control and you, as an assistant to the sheriff, along with a detachment, arrive for detention. Naturally, everything does not go according to plan and you must help the survivors to raise an uprising and throw off the influence of the sect in the region.

You will storm outposts and kill followers until you reach their leaders and the creators of such a nightmare and terror in the territories.

Each part of the series has a different setting and antagonist, but the general idea remains the same – clearing checkpoints, destroying key enemies, clearing the region and moving towards the main villain.

Partners and friends will help you.

Call of Duty

One of the most famous shooters, which is made in a cinematic style. You are waiting for battles on the fronts of the Second World War, secret operations of special services, special forces behind enemy lines and large-scale battles as part of the regular army.

Any part of the series will immerse you in a bright and rich gameplay, with the feeling of being in a professional army with a large number of soldiers and confronting the same units with constant progress through the story and a sense of your own contribution to defeating enemies.

You will visit Normandy and Africa, liberate the Pacific Islands from the Japanese, take part in the battles for Stalingrad and Kharkov, liberate Berlin in the World War II series and protect the United States and Europe from invasion from the east in new campaigns and interpretations of a possible attack by terrorists.


Sometimes it is much more pleasant than shooting and mining – it will plunge into some kind of virtual profession with an imitation of realism and maximum detail of all the subtleties and nuances.

Simulators are very popular in the gaming industry and the number of projects is only increasing.

American and Euro Truck Simulators

If you love traveling and the road in general and want to try out the role of a trucker in European or American spaces, then pay attention to these simulators.

You will be able to drive through the authentically recreated outskirts of major cities in one of the most famous brands of trucks that convey all the laws of physics and dynamics. Driving such a tractor will not be so easy, you need to take into account the dimensions of the trailer, the weight of the load and other parameters.

The developers have recreated all the main routes and principles of movement on the European continent.

Contraband Police

You will play as a border guard who needs to strictly monitor the security of the border, control smuggling and ensure law and order and proper control of the implementation of all rules and obligations.

If you have ever played Paper Please, then you will also like this project, which models a similar idea, where you are faced with a dilemma – to act according to instructions, or in conscience. And they will call on her very often. When you catch another rebel who will give fiery speeches and talk about infringements by the party and the need for change and punishment for committing crimes.

If you make a deal with your conscience, you can get a change in the political regime.

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