FFXIV Spearfishing Guide

Strike at schools of fish using the Gig. Learn how to Spearfish in Final Fantasy XIV.  

There are a lot of things that players can do in the world of Hydaelyn. Players can enjoy Final Fantasy XIV through various means, from defeating celestial beings to gathering ingredients for crafting. Spearfishing is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things to do in the realms of Eorzea. Adventurers looking for a chill and enjoyable activity in the game should learn more about Spearfishing and how to earn FFXIV Gil while stabbing into the water.  

What is Spearfishing? 

Spearfishing is a unique gathering learned by reaching level 61 under the Fishing job. This Disciple of Hand is a source of various ingredients and materials for crafting consumables that can be sold for FFXIV Gil. Fishing itself can take up time, so Spearfishing allows players to catch many sea creatures within the shortest amount of time.  

This skill can only be done while wearing a gig off-hand item. Spearfishing can be done at particular nodes that allow players to fish underwater. The fun thing about this action is that adventurers don’t get to select a fish they want to catch. But instead, they need to see a sea creature by timing their Spearfishing Gig appropriately. 

How Does it Work? 

Unlike regular Fishing, Spearfishing requires players to do a minigame. This scene needs adventurers to strike sea creatures as they pass through the screen interface. This minigame can only be accessed when the Spearfishing Gig is equipped in the off-hand slot.  

There are various gimmicks that players need to look out for when they are doing this activity. These unique mechanics determine how many and how fast fish can be caught. Here are some of the basic actions during Spearfishing: 

Weak Spots 

Fish can be caught when their weak points have been stricken. A bluish box highlights these areas. Fish size can also be determined by how small the highlight is and how large the fish appears on the screen. 


As players spend more time catching fish, other creatures in the area will notice their activity and become increasingly more cautious. This level of alertness is represented by the orange Wariness gauge found in the upper half of the minigame. Once this meter is full, fish will no longer appear in the interface, and the minigame will end. 

Catch Counter 

Players should focus on generating more stacks for their Catch Counter to combat the Wariness gauge. This meter increases whenever adventurers catch fish quickly and caps at ten stacks. This gauge slows down the accumulation of Wariness, so gamers’ Spearfishing attempts last longer. However, this counter will reset if players cannot catch anything after a specific time.  

How to Unlock? 

Spearfishing can be unlocked by reaching level 61 with the Fisher job and doing certain quests. Adventurers need to interact with Sumitsubo in The Ruby Sea to accept the “A New Fishing Ex-spear-rience” quest, which would effectively unlock the activity. However, this mission requires completing the “In Soroban We Trust” quest. 

Spearfishing Skills 

Like regular Fishing, this particular activity has various skills that impact the minigame. These abilities are separated into General Skills and Catch-Based Skills. Here are all the actions available for Spearfishing: 

General Skills 

  • Fathom – activates the Spearfishing minigame 
  • Shark Eye – highlights the nearest Spearfishing nodes in the area 
  • Gig – action used for striking during the minigame 
  • Shark Eye II – highlights the highest-level node in the area 
  • Truth of Oceans – helps in locating Swimming Shadows, which only appear after reaching a certain threshold in Spearfishing 

Catch-Based Skills 

  • Veteran Trade – removes a specific fish from the currently available pool of fish 
  • Salvage – enables the acquisition of maps during Spearfishing 
  • Nature’s Bounty – boosts the chances of encountering large fish 
  • Vital Sight – makes it easier to aim at the current node for two Angler’s Art 
  • Baited Breath – reduces Wariness for 300 GP 
  • Electric Current – strikes all fish on screen when the Catch Counter reaches 10  

Spearfishing Nodes 

There are many areas where players can attempt to catch fish. These zones will be scattered throughout Hydaelyn, so adventurers should know where they can engage in Spearfishing. Here are all the available nodes for the latest expansion: 

  • Loch Seld Central Lakebed 
  • Loch Seld Northwestern Lakebed 
  • Loch Seld Southeastern Lakebed 
  • Loch Seld Deep Lakebed 
  • Southwestern Loch Seld 
  • Loch Seld Northeastern Lakebed 
  • Azim Khaat Southern Lakebed 
  • Azim Khaat Eastern Lakebed 
  • Azim Khaat Western Lakebed 
  • The Adventure 
  • Tamamizu 
  • Sui-no-Sato 
  • Ruby Price Depths 
  • Shisui of the Violet Tides 
  • The Eastern Ruby Sea 
  • Kobayashi Maru’s Northern Wake 
  • The Kobayashi Maru 
  • Exile 
  • Northwestern Onokoro 
  • Northeastern Bekko 
  • Northern Onokoro 
  • Isari Slope 
  • The Anemone Gardens 
  • Eastern Barrier Isle 
  • Imperial Hypersonic Assault Craft L-XXIII 
  • The One River Southwestern Riverbeds 
  • The Sunken Junk’s South Side 
  • The Dragon’s Struggle 
  • The Sunken Junk 
  • Southeast Source 
  • The Isle of Ken 
  • Eastern Isle of Ken 
  • Deepwood Swim 
  • North Lyhe Ghiah 
  • Central Longmirror Lake 
  • East Longmirror Lake 
  • South Longmirror Lake 
  • Thysm Lran 
  • Central Lake Tusi Mek’ta 
  • South Lake Tusi Mek’ta 
  • Deep Lake Tusi Mek’ta  
  • North Lake Tusi Mek’ta 
  • The Covered Halls of Dwatl 
  • Southern AKyaali 
  • Outer Akyaali 
  • Southern Great Runoff 
  • The Font of Maya 
  • Western Akyaali 

Spearfishing is a fun activity to unlock for any FFXIV account. Aside from being a relaxing experience, players can also gain tons of materials and ingredients for crafting or profit. Learning the basics of this skill can help players become the best Spearfishers in the field! 

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