Fantastic Gaming Time 

Holidays have passed. Many discounts on different gaming platforms are coming to an end. Who knows when we see them again? If you just managed to save some coins to buy what you really wanted and was waiting for all this time. Then it is your chance. Do not hesitate. If you lack some coins, do not get upset. try to test your luck and win more by joining the Casino Cookie. We are going to share some latest news from the gaming world. Play fair and have fun! 


      Timberborn is an unusual city-building strategy about the development of the Earth after the disappearance of mankind. The next “rulers” on the planet were intelligent beavers, who began to develop their own civilizations.

      The game received a third major update that redesigned the beaver bots, added a new storage system, and made many other small but important changes: new buildings, more uniqueness between beaver factions, and more.

      Timberborn combines elements of standard city-building strategies and the survival subgenre, but you have to fight not with hordes of enemies, but with various floods or droughts.

     Timberborn is still in early access, but it already has a 94% positive rating. Players praise the overall good mood of the game and the process of building settlements.

       Timberborn is available on PC.

Vampire Survivors

     Vampire Survivors is one of the biggest hits of the last year. The indie, which quietly came out at the beginning of the year, not only became incredibly popular but also began a new subgenre.

    Now the game has almost 170 thousand reviews on Steam, with 98% of them positive, and the game itself was even nominated for The Game Awards. However, its creator Luca Galante himself does not know the reason for such success.

     He spoke about this in an interview that he gave about the release of the DLC. Luka is a player himself and likes that games are supported for free, and he also has a negative attitude towards moments when they ask for solid sums for small DLCs. He hopes that with the Legacy of the Moonspell expansion, he has found the perfect balance between content and price. 96% of positive player reviews confirm this.

    Vampire Survivors is available on PC, Xbox consoles, and smartphones. If you suddenly do not like the setting, then on Steam you can find clones of the game in almost any subject with a wide variety of graphics, and some of them are also highly rated.

Mystery Festival

    Valve has announced that the Mystery Festival will take place on Steam from February 20 to February 27. During it, players will be able to play demo versions of games with various puzzles and mysteries, and already released projects will receive discounts.

     The company invites developers to participate in the event so that as many users as possible learn about their games.

     Valve started holding such festivals at the end of 2019. They have become especially large since 2020 when there was a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, small genre events have occasionally taken place, as well as large festivals with a lot of games.

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