Fantastic Games That Conquer Our Life

There are many amazing games around the world. Every day we read about new developments in the gaming sphere. Every day new gaming studios are trying to conquer our love. All of that makes our dull world go round. What can be better after a hard working day to chill by playing at Woo Casino or some other games? We are going to share some latest news from the gaming world, some about games and some about studios! Enjoy! Play fair and have fun! 

Duelyst II

      Dream Sloth Games Studio has announced the launch of open beta testing of Duelyst 2, a tactical role-playing CCG. You can play the title both on Steam and directly in your browser. Interestingly, Uncle Gabe’s store does not have any clarifications about the test – everything looks like there was an official release.

       Choose your faction, build your deck and test your strategy in the evolution of the ultimate collectible tactical game. On Steam, the game has already received almost four hundred reviews, 83% of which are positive.

Epic Games

     The US Federal Trade Commission fined the Epic Games studio $520 million. Fortnite developers did not argue and agreed to pay an impressive fine.

      The accusations consisted of two items. First, the studio violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, by collecting children’s personal information without parental consent. The fine for this amounted to $ 275 million. Also, developers will have to implement strict privacy settings for children and teenagers in Fortnite and add the ability for them to turn off text and voice chat.

      Second, Epic Games, according to the Commission, “deceived” players into making unsolicited purchases and blocking access to purchased content “as a barrier to contesting costs.” The fine for this amounted to $245 million, $240 million of which will be used to return funds to affected players.

       Earlier, the US Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit demanding to block the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

Diablo Immortal 

       The recent update to Diablo Immortal brought a lot of new content to the action RPG, but it also introduced technical issues. Since the update, gamers have been complaining that they are being thrown out of the world, which has become another reason for dissatisfaction in the community. 

       The update turned out to be huge with a new zone, new bosses, and other content making the update the largest update since the release. But given the scale, problems were inevitable. Random disconnections started back on December 14th and players report that they are still experiencing this on a regular basis.

     In addition, there are complaints about the non-working chat and the complaints function. And considering that disconnects happen in the middle of battles, the annoyance is justified.

       The situation is not local. As the problems are reported from all regions, when there will be a solution, is not yet clear. At the same time, the official support channels of Blizzard and Diablo Immortal do not write about server shutdowns on Twitter.

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