Best Fallout 2 Mods Download List [UPDATED]

Fallout 2 is a post-nuclear role-playing game and it’s the sequel to the old Fallout. It’s an old game that was released back on September 30, 1998, by Black Isle Studios. Probably the oldest game which I have a mod list for on GamingSpell. This game is old but the reason we are compiling these Fallout 2 mods list is because of the popularity of this game. Still, there are a number of fans who play this game until today.

As you would already know, that there are many mods for each game that enhance the game. Moreover, mods can help you enjoy the game with your own modifications.

These mods will also help to fix some errors and bugs which you might encounter without mods. We have added different mods depending upon the demand and usage of players.

These mods include basic to revolutionary mods that will change the way you play the game. We hope this list of mods will definitely help you in exploring new weapons, stories, and your interest in playing this classic game.

Best Fallout 2 Mods List – FREE Download

1. FO2 Restoration Project

Fallout 2 Restoration Project Mod


If you want to play Fallout 2 truly, then you should install this first. This is one of the most popular Fallout 2 mod by landslides. It has a Vanilla theme.

By installing a restoration project, you will get all the content back that was removed from the game in the development phase.

There are so many things ranging from items, questlines, NPCs, and many other things that will give Fallout veterans something new to do.

There are new weapons and armours that were supposed to be in the real game but somehow developers decided to leave them out because of no time to finish them. Some other quality changes were also included in this mod.

2. Fallout 1.5 Resurrection

Fallout 1.5 Resurrection Mod

Fallout 1.5 is a mod for Fallout 2, which is a story mod that gives a new story to the world overhaul. It’s a whole new world that is based on the Fallout engine but there are many more new things to explore.

Traditionally, the game will start in the cave, you won’t know who you are, and your entire goal will be to finish the game and finding out who you were and your past.

There are some new locations with new NPCs and different items to find in this mod. Moreover, this mod takes players to New Mexico, resulting in new locations instead of the old ones.

This is an amazing story mod that will resurrect the players from the dead at the beginning. New quests are made and the overall experience is worth using it.

3. FO2 Starting Inventory

Fallout 2 Starting Inventory Mod

This is an amazing mod that gives players initial items at the starting of the game. Normally, in Fallout 2 the starting players have nothing more than spears and fists as a tribesman.

And these are the only items you get to survive in the initial days of the game. But FO2 Starting inventory mod will grant you weapons and armors according to your skills that you select at the starting of the game.

Let’s say if you have specialized in small guns while character creation then you may get pistol and ammo. And if you have some good points, you will get a slightly better weapon.

Therefore, this makes this mod more useful and the game more enjoyable.

4. FO2 Cheat Chest

Fallout 2 Cheat Chest

This mod is among the most downloaded Fallout 2 Mods and there is a reason for this, let me tell you:

The nature of the gamers really never change, and you all know, gamers love cheating in the game. And it makes sense, rather than spending hours and hours in getting through different stages to earn some items, why not type some cheats to get it?

FO2 cheat chest mod allows you to do that. It adds a chest with many powerful items, that you can use early in the game to conqueror it without any troubles.

This mod contains almost all the items you need in Fallout 2, especially for beginners that just want to get into the game without many challenges.

That’s the main reason for the popularity of this cheating mod.

5. Fallout 2 Gangster Armor

Fallout 2 Gangster Armor Mod

Do you like playing the game of being a true gangster? That’s what this mod is used for. You can use this Gangster mod to dress up like a true gangster in Fallout 2.

Also, this mod adds a detailed set of armour to the game and the way you look. After combining this mod with the mercenary mod, it will truly give you a feeling that will hook you right back in the gameplay.

Real Gangster dress up, loaded with armor, this mod makes the gameplay even more interesting.

6. FOnline 3

FOnline 3 Mod

It is an un-matchable mod for Fallout 2 not for Fallout 3. As the games are continuously improving in almost all the sections such as graphics, features, modes, etc.

Thanks to the advanced computer knowledge, that made it possible to bring imagination into reality. FOnline 3 mod is actually a mod that was developed in order to add a multi-player idea to Fallout 2.

FOnline 2 is an MMORPG, basically an entirely online game playable on the Fallout 2 engine. Allowing the players to choose factions and play against other provinces and taking their resources.

Obviously, that’s a different and insane mod as compared to other ones, but it offers a great functionality of playing against other players that were just an idea before this mod came out.

7. Fallout 2: Weapons Redux

Fallout 2 Weapons Redux

Weapons in the games play a vital role in survival. The more you play, the better the gun control you will have. Unfortunately, the significance of weapons in Fallout 2 is lacking and ammunition types were not introduced in Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout 2 Weapons Redux mod will make your ammo more impactful, you will see an increase in damage hence the combat will be more lethal.

Nearly all weapons are viable for killing enemies now, even the smallest of all, melee can be deadly.

8. FRM Workshop

FRM Workshop Fallout 2

This mod really doesn’t impact in a long run but yes it helps in creating Fallout 2 assets.

Since the fallout 2 is based upon sprites, you will be able to easily create new elements in the games such as creatures, animals, enemies, weapons, and many other fantastic things.

Thanks to this mod, all you need to make sprite art or download sprites from the internet, It depend on your thinking and ability to create new assets.

9. Wasteland Merc 2

Wasteland Merc 2 fallout 2

Ever thought of wandering the wastelands of Fallout 2 like a gangster?

Well, this mod will help you giving the exact experience of a completely new story where you will be a merc that has the only dream of making as much money as possible, without thinking of trouble that came with being such as dweller.

This mod provides you a different experience in-game, where you will use the skills with a gun in hand and only purpose to make money without helping others, but yourself only.

10. MIB 88 Megamod

MIB 88 Megamod

As the name tells, this one is megamod for the game. If you want to play Fallout 2 with all the mods activated in a single click, then you should use this mod.

This mod is a compilation of many mods used in Fallout 2, you will only have to use this mod to get all the features of other mods in the game and it is so easy to do that.

We would definitely recommend you to use this one, as you will feel many new things in the game. Always worth trying.

11. SCAR

SCAR Fallout 2

SCAR mod also known as Skilldex Color Aesthetic Redux is an awesome graphic mod that can help you change the graphics of the game.

If you are bored with the old monochromatic colors of the game and want to see something new in colorful graphics, this mod is definitely for you.

It changes the art of your skilldex with many amazing images set that are all coloured, giving your game a new reinvigorated look that you will love playing.

12. Custom Perks

Fallout 2 Custom Perks

This one is a perky mod that after using, will give players a few different perks in Fallout 2. It will allow users to build and play the game differently.

There are almost 62 perks that are added and altered including vanilla perks, but the new ones are all unique.

Being more powerful towards knockdowns, grappling enemies, having good night visions are all examples of the perks that you can think of after using this mod.

The only thing that is missing is that this doesn’t match with some mods from New Vegas, but they definitely offer some good gameplay to make different areas of the game more fun to play without an excessive amount of bloating menus.

13. Francis Dialogue Edit

Francis Dialogue Edit Fallout 2

Ever thought of changing Francis’s speech in the game? This mod basically makes Francis dialogue more impactful and fit according to the story of the game.

That’s a small mod addition to Fallout 2 but it really makes it good as players are already enjoying, using this mod for a long time now. That’s the reason, this mod is also on this list.

14. Rusted SMG

Rusted SMG fallout 2

As the name tells, this one is a basic type of mod that gives the Fallout SMG a new look. Basically, it makes different weapons worn out as we expect in the real world.

This mod took place on the list just because there are some weapons that meant to look like rusted or worn out with the passage of time in Fallout.

This also shows some variety in fallout so I decided to include this one on my list. I hope you would like it too after using it.

15. FO2 High-Resolution Patch

FO2 High Resolution Patch

Being a player of Fallout 2, you will know that the game certainly shows their old and ugly textures, odd-looking sprites from ages. And unfortunately, still, there is no mod that can fix this, however,

This High-Resolution Patch mod exactly does the job. It improves the visual experience of almost each and everything that happens to be in Fallout 2.

Everything starting from characters, environments, enemies, and everything else gets a new painted colour that makes the game more enjoyable and feels like modern.

It doesn’t change the game’s perks, but overall it changes nearly everything in a better way. Check out this mod now.

16. Awakened

FO2 Awakened

This mod could be one of your favourite mod because of its function and role in the game. The awakened mod works differently, it has a new story plot.

This mod makes you start in a post-apocalyptic world that has recently undergone a nuclear war. Your character awake in the middle of it, knowing nothing about what’s going on.

You will start finding a way out of the city once you leave the shelter. The main twist of the story is that you don’t actually know who you are, what you were doing before all this war scenario, and what to do now.

This one is amazing mod that will take you on a whole new story and a new adventure.

17. Vintage Firearms

Vintage Firearms

This mod is created for a purpose and that is to bring old weapons to the new game. Actually, many peoples love to see old weapons from the world war era.

So, this vintage firearms mod will bring back the fantastic old weaponry to make the game feel like you are in the world war era. It has exactly the same guns that used to be in the war, used by the military of that time.

18. FO2 Lands of Mordor

Lands of Mordor fallout

Sounds like Lords of Rings, well it’s not like that and it has certainly nothing to do with it.

This mod is not for those who play easy peasy. In fact, it’s one of the most hardest and aggressive types of gaming mode that I have come across.

It’s for the people who love to encounter dangers because after using this mod, you will feel helpless and there will be a number of dangers, power-ups for your enemies and you will have to find a way to get yourself out.

If fun to play this mod and testing out your playing abilities that how far you can go in such type of aggressive mod, That’s why it’s on the list.

19. Shattered Destiny

Shattered Destiny

Well, this mod changes the entire story of Fallout 2, but wait it just changes the story and the game is played.

That means the game is still Fallout 2, the story is new, but it is still running in Fallout 2 World. There will be different changes and you will see new dangers and the starting point is changed.

You no longer need to dig out from the old vault as you do in the original game. But this time, you are a regular town guy who has to deal with the apocalypse. Do try this mod once.

20. Mutants Rising

Mutants Rising Fallout 2

This one is a crazy mod, ever thought of living peacefully in Fallout 2? That doesn’t make sense right?

It will be boring living peacefully without any violence in the game right? But in this mod, you leave your days peacefully in a community of people.

There is peace among the people of the community but they are walled-in because there are zombies everywhere.  It’s completely a new story type mod and revamps for Fallout 2, and it’s one of the best mods.

These mods definitely show that there is much more than a developer can do to make the look and feel of the game different.


Bonus Mod: The Tangut Prophecy

The Tangut Prophecy

Everyone loves bonuses and perks even in the game, so I decided to go one step ahead and give you something extra if you have come to this point.

In the Fallout 2 community, as I’ve mentioned above, there is a number of mods that still you need to explore. There are still some fantastic mods left out there.

I didn’t want to make this list longer than that, so this one is the last mod for this post. The Tangut prophecy mod completely revamps the whole story and turns into a different Fallout 2 game.

It still uses the same base engine, and you will start from XII century China with a completely new story and many new characters and skills that you didn’t have before.

You would have definitely tried other mods, so this one is one of the biggest mods in Fallout 2 world.


There is a lot much more that you can do with the game you love playing right? That’s what the developers of these mods thought of before making them.

And guess what, still there is a lot of room where you can check and develop new mods for adding some more functionality and fun.

We hope that you liked this Fallout 2 mods list. If you think there is something missing or you want us to add some more mods, or you have some suggestions or questions. Do let us know and we will happily hear what you say!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install mods for Fallout 2?

  1. First, install fallout 2 on your computer, then create a new folder in the Fallout 2 directory with any name.
  2. Add mod files into the folder.
  3. Make sure that you have the Fallout2.exe AND fallout2.cfg file in the mod folder.
  4. That’s it. If you now use the Fallout2.exe in the mod folder, it takes the critter.dat and master.dat from the previous folder (Fallout 2 installation) and uses all new files from the mod folder.
  5. Now change the entries for critter.dat, master.dat, patches, music, etc. in the fallout2.cfg of the mod folder like in the following example:
    Code: music_path1=data\sound\music\ music_path2=..\data\sound\music\ critter_dat=..\critter.dat critter_patches=data master_dat=..\master.dat master_patches=data
  6. That’s it. If you now use the Fallout2.exe in the mod folder, it takes the critter.dat and master.dat from the previous folder (Fallout 2 installation) and uses all new files from the mod folder.

How to install the Fallout 2 Restoration Project.

  1. Download Fallout 2 Patch from this link.
  2. Start and install the patch (it should automatically recognize the installation path).
  3. Choose full installation with Extra Content ticked.
  4. Go to Fallout 2 installation folder
    {STEAM_DIR}\steamapps\common\Fallout 2
  5. Execute the “f2_res_Config.exe” file
  6. Choose preferred configuration options like in the example below
    N.B: in Windowed mode the game will be automatically set to 640×480, but you can double the size by selecting the option “Scaling X2“.
    Uncheck “Windowed” if you want to run the game in Full Screen.
  7. You should see “The Hi-Res Patch is Enabled.” Otherwise, click on “ENABLE” to activate it.
  8. Click on “Done“.

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