Everything You Have To Know About Hotel Apartments in Dubai

Serviced or hotel apartments have always been viewed as the domain of the experienced business travellers, aka an off-site employee or a visiting consultant who is in the town for some weeks, and requires an easy place to reside in. 

Preferably a place with features similar to a home (like a kitchen so that there is no need to call room service every everytime you want a snack), but also the comfort of home, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable in a new city.

Serviced apartments are also the place where your company places you in for a month while relocating for a job. It’s a place where you book for meeting your family as your flat is cramped. Somewhere you rent for a weekend escape with your loved ones. 

In simple words, serviced apartments are viewed as temporary accommodation. But there are some reasons why residing in one should not be a stop-gap solution, and rather a viable tenancy choice for rental contracts with a minimum duration of a year. 

If you are moving to Dubai for the first time and for a short stay, it is a wise idea to consider these serviced apartments in Dubai as they are economical and highly convenient. But since this matter can be confusing for people who are visiting the Emirate for the first time, this article will explain everything regarding this matter. 

By the end of the article, you will be equipped with all the knowledge and important points to consider. You will be convinced that hotel apartments are the best for residing temporarily, while enjoying everything the city has to offer to the lucky residents. 

Since there is no scarcity of serviced apartments in the Emirate, you can choose a bustling area or a spot removed from the hustle bustle. What can be possibly better than this freedom? So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

First Thing’s First – What Is A Hotel Apartment?

Hotel apartments in the city are recognized by a few different names, such as apartment hotels, serviced apartments, or full-service flats. But something they all have in common is the fact that the tenants enjoy hotel facilities (like housekeeping services, room service, spa, gym, swimming pool, and more), while simultaneously regulating their own sense of space and privacy. 

What makes serviced apartments different from the traditional hotel rooms is the fact that the former includes a kitchenette, or a full size kitchen for a bigger unit, whereas hotel rooms generally only have a kettle and a mini bar fridge. 

This means that as opposed to an impersonal hotel room, serviced apartments enable the guest or tenant to relax more, take off the shoes, turn on the TV, and start making dinner, just like how you would in your own home. 

When it comes to hotel apartments compared to a regular flat, the difference lies in the fact that the former is available with all the fixtures and furniture that can be expected from a standard hotel, whereas the other lacks this. 

Although furnished apartments might fulfill all the requirements, there is an aspect where they fall short of in terms of amenities that hotel apartments give to residents. Given that these are usually adjoining 5-star hotels that service the apartments, you can usually expect a higher standard as opposed to a typical building sauna or gym. 

Serviced Apartments in Dubai

In some scenarios, like Alef Residences, the building that hosts the residential units is totally separate from the surrounding W Hotel, which is the entity that services it. But sometimes, like Sheraton Grand Hotel, the tower presents standard hotel rooms and serviced apartments both – with the operator giving tenancy packages of a year for the units. 

Other hotel apartments are not tied to a distinct hotel operator (and are resultantly, unlicensed for alcohol), but still provide the same quality of amenities and services that anyone can expect from a hotel, usually at a budget-friendly cost for longer stay. 

Perks Of Serviced Apartments in Dubai

In a booming city like Dubai, hotel apartments provide peace of mind to busy tenants, which is not often found in traditional rental settings. Perhaps the most attractive attribute to beginners in the city is the fact that renting a serviced apartment is way more flexible as compared to a normal flat. 

The flats are generally available with year-long contracts, penalties, and iron-clad exit clauses in case someone wants to leave the tenancy sooner. But this is not the case with serviced apartments. If you are not sure about living in a new city, or if your 5-year plan just does not permit for above 10 months in the city, it’s much simpler to negotiate an attractive deal with a hotel apartment rather than a landlord who has a long list of tenants ready to sign a year.

Another perk is the fact that you only have to bring your suitcase during shifting. Hotel apartments have white goods, excellent furnishings, cutlery, kitchen appliances, and linen. Therefore, you just need to bring your clothes. 

This is perfect if you lack the time, budget, and will to do shopping for furnishing your place. But even if you want to add your personal touch to the home, it’s very easy as the majority of hotel apartments are in the vicinity of shopping malls, prominent highways, and metro stations.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the ease with which you can manage errands (from laundry services to room service and housekeeping), along with not worrying about monthly utility bills, such as gas or DEWA. Simply pay the flat rent each month, and everything else will be handled by the staff. 

The majority of services are present in-house at just a phone call away, 24 hours a day. Even receiving the mail is a straightforward process because most hotel apartments provide postal service to residents, and of course, whenever you are at work, your courier packages will be received. 

A Rising Interest in Dubai Hotel Apartments

Without a surprise, particularly with the Expo 2020 and the huge number of tourists who visit the Emirate each year, hotel apartments are slowly becoming a famous choice. 

This is also proven by the number of off-plan serviced apartments which will be unveiled in the future, like those that are offered by the Azizi Developments.

With unbeatable maintenance, high-quality amenities, and superior convenience, it is expected that the popularity of hotel apartments and serviced rooms will continue to increase in the future. Success and popularity in a business are always accompanied by rivalry which pushes for affordable rates and tempting deals in any industry. 

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