Escape From Tarkov 5 Tips For New Players

Escape from Tarkov is one of those games where no matter how much you try, you are never going to succeed, or at least that is what it feels like for the longest time, especially for beginner players of the game. Escape from Tarkov is one of the most challenging ones would ever play; in fact, the game was marketed as such as well. And for once in the gaming community, such a claim is not a boast but an understatement. 

Escape from Tarkov is simply an unfriendly game, especially for a beginner, but it does not mean pros have it any easy in Escape from Tarkov. Many pro gamers have openly stated that Escape from Tarkov is one of the hardest games they have even played. Escape from Tarkov does not coddle any player and gives instructions on how to do ‘stuff’ in the game. In fact, there is no tutorial in Escape from Tarkov; one has to figure out everything from scratch. And while one can make use of Escape from Tarkov cheats to improve their chances in the gameplay, it would not help much if one does not know some basic tricks that every beginner player must know to do well in Escape from Tarkov.

Here are some Escape from Tarkov tips for new players that will surely help them adapt better to the harrowing gameplay of Escape from Tarkov.

Make sure to know the map thoroughly.

Escape from Tarkov is not like other first-person shooter games when having the basic knowledge of the map you are playing in will get you by. In Escape from Tarkov, a map plays a critical role in the gameplay, not just a setting for players to duke it out. As obvious with the name, the objective in Escape from Tarkov is not to kill as many opponents as you can, and the player with the highest kill count will win, but it is to escape from a fictional place named Tarkov.

Now, obviously, killing opponents will help an individual out in their objective to escape from Tarkov, but one needs to have a complete understanding of the map and its intricacies they are playing with to have any hope of escaping or even surviving for more than a couple of minutes. Stick with one map rather than hopping from one to another to improve your chances of success.

Learn the extraction points

The game’s objective is to escape from Tarkov and how one can do that exactly by using what is aptly termed extraction points. One has to make use of these extraction points to be able to make an escape, but it is anything but easy, even though there are multiple extraction points on a map. Every extraction has a requirement; some could only be opened with a key, some require the help of another player, and some are time-specific, which makes it almost impossible for one to rely on them. One can never be sure which Escape from Tarkov extraction point they can rely on, and that is why it is critical that a player learns as many extraction points as possible to make their escape.

Ammo is more important than the weapons in your inventory.

Unlike the other first-person shooter games where one can get an unlimited supply of ammo, or at least the ability to make the purchase of ammo when required. That is not the case with Escape from Tarkov. The ammunition in Escape from Tarkov is scarce, making it a precious commodity that one cannot simply waste around. It will not matter much whether you have the best weapons in your arsenal if you do not have the ammo or the ability to buy ammo for it. So, when playing Escape in Tarkov, keep in mind ammo> Guns.

Play SCAVs as many times as you can

One of the best tips that beginners can take to heart is playing SCAV run as many times as possible. By playing as a SCAV and not as a PMC, you can ensure that first, no SCAV would attack you unless you attack them first, and you would not risk losing your gear if you die during the round, which is a source of major strife for many players of the game. You can loot weapons easily in the mode and also learn the map without the added worry that is present in a normal round.

Use offline mode to learn mechanics.

The mechanics of Escape from Tarkov are completely different from other first-person shooter games out there and do take some getting used to. A beginner player should do offline runs first to get comfortable with the mechanics of the game before even attempting a real match. This would also help the beginner player of the game get familiar with the map as well, which is an added bonus of offline mode.

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