EE mobile booster – improve your Internet signal

In 2023, nearly 95 percent of users worldwide accessed the Internet through mobile phones! We are constantly online, downloading movies and chatting with friends and colleagues. Also, a high-quality Internet connection is indispensable for the business company. So, what to do if the connection quality in your home or office is poor? You can’t do without an EE booster.

Why does your business need an excellent mobile Internet? 

In 2022, the UK was among the countries reporting high mobile internet penetration, ahead of Germany and the USA. Why do you, the owner or manager of a company, need an excellent Internet?

  • Quick decisions: you can quickly monitor current events and make quick decisions.
  • Communication with clients and partners: the Internet is a great way to communicate with clients and partners.
  • Security Guarantee: Continuous communication with security systems, monitoring and enforcing security standards – all this is possible thanks to an excellent Internet connection. 
  • Market Expansion: You can quickly enter new markets and attract customers from all over the world.
  • Increased productivity: Your employees can work from anywhere in the world. Presence in the office is not required. 
  • Improving customer service: chat, email, telephone – excellent mobile communication allows you to contact the client constantly. In this way, customer loyalty to the company increases.  
  • Reducing costs: optimizing logistics, improving interaction with employees and customers – all this is very important for business.
  • Marketing Presence: Implement mobile marketing strategies quickly and simply. 

Overall, good mobile communications are an integral part of modern business and contribute to its development, efficiency, and competitiveness. 

Why is mobile communication bad?

A bad mobile connection is very frustrating. What are the reasons?

Poor coverage: distance from the nearest cell tower, hilly terrain, dense forest, all of this harms the Internet connection.

  1. Interference: Electromagnetic interference can degrade the quality of mobile communications. So, the proximity of other electronic devices, as well as metal structures, is not the best for the quality of Internet communication.
  2. Overloaded networks: have you noticed that the connection becomes poor on New Year’s Day and other important holidays? When the network is overloaded, it is not surprising that the quality of communication becomes poor.
  3. Technical problems: broken or outdated equipment, network problems, and problems with the cellular infrastructure can cause a poor signal.  
  4. Weather conditions: snowfalls, heavy rains, and storms all degrade the signal quality.
  5. Signal blocking: Sometimes, the signal is blocked by government order for political purposes.

You have a great way to improve the quality of your mobile Internet – purchase an EE mobile booster. 

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Life hacks to help restore your mobile signal 

So, the mobile signal is weak, and you urgently need to restore it. What to do?  

Change your location. Just go to another location. You can go outside, or go up to the floor. Another good way is to go to the window.

  • Just Reboot your phone. This simple action can solve Internet problems.
  • Check your network settings. The mobile connection may have been accidentally turned off. It also happens that airplane mode was accidentally turned on or the mobile was switched to another network mode. 
  • Update your phone settings. Sometimes, software updates can improve signal reception. 
  • Check for interference. Cordless phones, routers, and some household appliances may interfere with mobile signals.
  • Reset network settings. Reset network settings to initial default values. 
  • EE mobile signal booster. Use a signal booster that will significantly improve the quality of your Internet connection! Products from UCtel are excellent and have superior quality.

These great hacks will help you improve your mobile phone experience instantly. 

What is an EE mobile signal booster? 

An EE mobile signal booster or repeater is a device designed to improve the strength and quality of a mobile signal. It picks up an existing weak signal, amplifies it, and then rebroadcasts it. With this booster, you can easily make calls, download large files, watch videos without interference, etc.

What parts does the EE mobile booster consist of?

  1. An external antenna, which, for example, is installed on the roof, is responsible for receiving and sending signals. The antenna picks up the weak signal from the base station antenna and sends it to the amplifier.
  2. Amplifier. The signal received by the outdoor antenna is transmitted to the amplifier via cable. At this stage, the signal is amplified many times over.
  3. An indoor antenna located in a home or office receives the amplified signal and transmits it throughout the home or office. It also receives the signal from the phone and sends it back to the base tower. 

Why do you need a signal booster?

This is the best solution to problems with poor mobile network coverage, low data transfer speeds, etc. With the help of such an amplifier, you can improve the quality of the Internet so much that you can easily download files, exchange messages, make calls, and so on. 


It is crucial to install the EE signal booster correctly; it is essential to position the external antenna to pick up the signal as best as possible. The internal antenna should be positioned to distribute the signal evenly throughout the room – office or home. If you have any difficulties with installation, you can always contact UCtel specialists. Not only will they provide you with a great booster, but they will also help you install it.

Benefits of the EE signal booster

Among the advantages, the following should be noted:

  • Higher data transfer speed – you can load the site quickly
  • Improved call quality – you can easily call friends and colleagues and communicate without interference
  • The ability to use mobile devices without interruptions in areas with weak signals. Even if that building has a weak signal, you can enjoy an excellent internet signal. 

EE signal booster cost

The price varies depending on the type, brand, and coverage area. More advanced amplifiers with more excellent coverage may be more expensive. Decide what exactly you need. And you will be able to make the right choice.


Order a signal booster from professionals. Uctel is always ready to provide you with the highest-quality signal boosters. Download files, communicate, grow your business, and surf the Internet without interference.

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