Dog Pokémon: List of All Cannies in Pokemon Universe

Pokemon is also known as the pocket monster in Japan. It is a Japanese media franchise managed by the pokemon company: a company which was founded by Nintendo, creators, and game freaks. Satoshi Tajiri created this franchise in 1995, including pokemon as the main character. These pokemon are captured by humans, known as pokemon trainers or catchers.

These trainers capture them and train them for a battleground, and together, they create a pokemon universe under the English slogan “Gotta catch’em all. The immense popularity of these pokemon emerges in the late 1990s, and the franchise expands its self by introducing trading card games, animated series, films, toys, and numerous video games.

The gaming Pokémon series is taking the world by a storm, and the new generation is completely obsessed with this video game. With the evolution of this video game, the expansion in the number of creatures has also occurred. There are almost 700 unique creatures in the pokemon world, and all of these creatures are collected by the players in a box known as Pokedex. The organizers have

created these pocket monsters based on different factors, i.e., animals, plants, fungi, and some are based on fiction with a unique concept. One of these types is Dog pokemon.

Best Dog Pokemons To Catch:

dog pokemon is called so because it either resembles a dog in its appearance or the characteristics. Just like a dog, these pokemon are mostly quadrupedal with a long tail, and some even cry like the barking sound of the dog. These pokemon mostly have a snout and big black nose and are superior both in loyalty and in battlefield potential.

Just like Cat Pokemon, there is a huge number of dog pokemon in the pokemon universe, which are evolved since the beginning of this world. They are man’s best friend in the immortal times and are much more fun with the amazing superpowers.

Here we are going to have a look at the most impressive dog pokemon.



A common dog pokemon is called hardier, which is extremely loyal and is known for its ability to sacrifice itself for its trainer. That’s why Loyal pokemon is another name given to this pokemon and is at the top of the list of dog pokemon. It can develop a strong relationship with humans in a short time and then never forget them. These pokemon exist since immemorial times, so it is one of the ancient pokemon.

  • Appearance 

Herdier is a slightly chubby mammalian pokemon that is also quadrupedal. Most of its body parts are brown with some blue patches. The ears are very large similar to a moustache, and it exhibits heir at the forehead similar to the shape of the letter W.

The small neat paws and blue cover at its body give it a unique appearance. It almost looks like a dog has a crying sound really synchronized and similar to the barking of a dog. Despite its chubby appearance,

hardier does not contain much body fat. Its name comes from two words, Herd and Terrier, possibly mean heart because of its caring nature. 

  • Abilities:

Herdier is not good at battelling, but they have the ability to observe their opponent carefully. They can give their enemy an unexpected attack along with the ability to detect the evilness of

their competitor. They know how to help their teammate in understanding the nature of the enemy, so they are helpful as the partners for other pokemon, especially young ones. The

pokemon evolved from the lollipop at the 16 grade. 



Rockruff is a mixture of Japanese fox and spitz breed of dog. The pokemon is extremely adorable and was introduced in generation 7. This is one of the dog pokemon that has

an excellent sense of smell, and it does not forget an odor once he smelled it. Although it is a

social pokemon, as the sun goes down, it starts howling just like a wolf. It is believed that it left its trainer before evolution and then returned after it gets fully evolved into a new

kind. The puppy is popular because of its cute looks.

  • Appearance and abilities

The dog evolves into the different types depending upon the time of the day and becomes one of the stronger candidates. There are three types: midday, midnight, and dusk.

Lycanroc (midday)

There are four further forms: sun, moon, ultra sun, and ultra moon. Under the sun, it’s become extremely quick. The claws and fangs also get well developed. In the presence of the moon, it becomes trustworthy, a partner who will never betray his master.

In the presence of the ultra sun, it developed sharp knives in his mane which can cut anything. If any fragment of his mane breaks off, it is considered as a good luck charm. Ultra moon leads it to howl, just like a wolf.

Lycanroc ( midnight)

In the presence of the sun, the blood of this pokemon boils vigorously, and it will attack the opponent without considering his safety. In the presence of the moon, it has the ability to withstand the hits. It attacks with his headbutt using his knife-like mane, that can crush the bones of the opponent.

In the presence of the ultra sun, it becomes stubborn and ignores the orde that he does not like. He likes to get hurt. Ultramonn mood will raise the loyalty level, and they will only listen to their trainers.

·Lycanroc (dusk)

In the presence of the ultra sun, the intense fighting spirit hidden inside him reveals itself. 

Ultramoon form is the most strange form, and it is very rare to be seen.



The abilities of this dog are just beyond your imagination, and the reason for its popularity is just because of its extraordinary battle strategies. The dog has extraordinary offensive capabilities and a solid image overall. They are not only used as official dogs but also as warriors. Puppy is large enough to ride and can also breathe fire.

  • Appearance

Arcanine is a large bulky canine that posses combine traits of tiger and lion. The dog-like properties include a large black nose and a muzzle. The eyes have black pupils and are triangular in shape. The ears are diamond-shaped and orange in color. Most of the body of this pokemon is covered with bright orange fur and black stripes, just like a tiger. The head, face, chest, tail, and legs are covered with white fur to gives it a unique look.

  • Abilities

It has the flash fire ability, which means it is immune to the fire attack itself and can cause a serious type of damage by the fire to the opponent. The fuel of Arcanine is the reason for its amazing speed of attack. It can travel about 6200 miles in just 24 hours. It can give a ride to its

trainer while keeps on traveling for consecutive three days.

  • Evolution 

It is evolved from the Growtline, which is a puppy with bright orange fur. The abilities of this pokemon are similar to the Arcanine and are modified into it by using firestone. The use of this stone doubles the power and wilderness of this dog pokemon. These pokemon are really famous among trainers because of their cool and courageous nature. 



The design of this dog pokemon is based on the Egyptian God Anubis. It can stand erect like a human but has the head of the wolf. The pokemon is really famous because of its full power moves and fighting strategy.

  • Appearance

Lucario is a bipedal dog pokemon, which is a combination of dog, wolf, and jackal. With some raccoon or kangaroo-like characteristics, the pokemon is considered as one of the most favorite ones. It has fore sharp black paws along with large pointed spikes.

Another spike is present at the center of their chest, and there is a black mask on his face through which the red eyes look so deadly. The pokemon has four sensory black bundles at the back of his head. The extraordinary abilities include communication and sensing ability. Lucario is evolved from Riolu, which has an almost identical look to Lucario except that it is less strong and more look like a small puppy.

  • Abilities

These pokemon are sensitive to the Aura, a special type of energy that is produced by the Aura pokemon. It uses the black appendages at the back of his head to detect the objects around him. Thus it can do navigation and track through the telepathic method. They can also produce the

offensive waves known as Aura Spheres against the aura generation. They can also understand the language of humans, and some are witnessed to be able to speak. These pokemon are very serious and extremely loyal to their trainers. Additionally, Lucario is very reserved, prideful,

very serious Pokémon and are friendly and cooperative with strangers and their Pokémons.



Houndoom is a dog pokemon that can breathe fire, and the attack of fire is extremely strong.

  • Appearance

Houndoom is canines like pokemon, which evolved from a houndour with a similar appearance. The pokemon exhibit black fur along with a brown underbelly and muzzle. Around each of his ankles, there exist two bands of bones, and the back consists of an exoskeleton-like backbone that leads up to his neck. Instead of having ears, the houndoom has curved horns. The long skinny tail makes him look more like a dog. It is quadrupedal, and the horns of the male are slightly longer than the female.

  • Abilities

The dog pokemon usually fight for leadership, exhibiting sharp horns. The fire of the houndoom contains dangerous toxins, and his burnt never gets healed or recovered. Their cry sound is similar to a dog and is really horrifying. The people and pokemon stay inside their homes when the houndoom howls. It is definitely not a dog to mess with. It has evolved from Houndour, and the difference only arises in the strength. Moreover, It is really popular among trainers because of its edgy look and sharp moves.



The Stoutland is a perfect mix of various dog breeds from our world. It is one of those bid dogs which you can ride easily. This dog pokemon is famous for searching the lost people who get caught in the blizzard’s mountain. The dog is winter kind, and its condition becomes miserable in summer.

  • Appearance

Stoutland is a bulky quadrupedal canine pokemon. It is particularly long, fluffy, with extremely long fur. The fur is mostly blue with brown patches, and it has a very long mustache with a blue cloak of fur on its body. The pokemon is similar to the Herdier, having small paws and large ears.

  • Abilities 

The dog is known for rescuing humans in the cold, snowy mountains, and its thick fur act as an insulator that keeps him warm even in the freezing environment. The pokemon is trustworthy and loyal, often trained to work with the mountain rescue teams. The dog can develop close contact with its trainer just within three days. The social understanding is measured by the length of his mustache. 

  • Evolution 

The stoutland is evolved from the Herdier at level 32. Its name is originated from two words, “Stout,” which means fat bulky due to its overweight build, and “Scottland” the species from which it has been evolved. The dog has a crying sound similar to the barking of a dog. Despite its bulky appearance, the stoutland does not have any fat, but it might have sand rush although not being associated with dessert. The body of stoutland arch’s down slightly and then raised in the form of a hump which arrives from the V Generation.



Manectric is a dog pokemon, but it resembles a wolf more than a dog. The presence of mane makes it look like a lion more. The pokemon is the electric type and can undergo Mega evolution. They are rare to be seen and mostly build a nest at the place where the lighting struck a lot. But the pokemon should not be taken at the water containing places such as the sea or beaches because of its strong electric shook power.

  • Apearance

Manectric is quadrupedal mammalian pokemon that exhibit a dog-like appearance. The resemblance of the dog includes a long dog-like muzzle and red eyes. The top of his head contains spines and black spots on both sides, which appear to be its ears. The head is pointed in shapes, and the fur on the body sticks up because of static electricity.

It has full power back along with a yellow and a long blue tail. The paws are bulky, along with three clawed toes on both the front and back claws. The dog has undergone Mega evolution with certain types of modifications in its body. These changes have made it more superior as the centre spikes now cover its entire body. The two horns on the sides of his body have grown larger by the evolution. The fur has turned blue while the claws have turned bluish-black.  

  •  Abilities 

This dog pokemon exhibits the ability of static and lightning cord. The static power can cause a thirty percent paralysis of the in the body of their opponent. Whereas the lightning cord can make any electric attack useless. The hidden abilities include minus, boost attack, and can enter any double battle easily. The pokemon discharges the electricity from its mane and can create a thunder cloud. Its habitat can be a grassland or probably any area where the lighting struck. But it becomes fierce and can’t control itself under the extreme electricity attack. 



This cute little puppy can evolve into a bit brighter and stronger creature. The pokemon has the ability to get intimidated and can drop any foe’s attack and thus can keep the danger away. They can’t survive in the wild alone, so they hunt together in the form of packs.

The pack mentality depends upon the leadership quality, which they mostly learn from their trainers. The pokemon is said to be evolved from the 3rd generation and is a go-to pokemon for the team Magma Grunts. The appearance of this dog is similar to the wolves and can be easily caught outside in your gaming area.

  • Appearance

It is also a large mammalian pokemon that resembles a wolf. It has fur, which is slightly greyish in color, and the long black mane extends all the way down to its back and tail. The legs have sharp-clawed feet and are black in color. The ears are standing upright with a pointed shape, and the eyes are red, intimidating with the slit pupils. The dog-like features include a large muzzle and a big black nose. Sharp fangs can be seen when he opens his mouth.

  • Abilities

This pokemon is a horrible attacker when they hunt in the form of packs. The extremely sharp fangs are their plus point so they can bite their enemy mercilessly. Teamwork is important to win a battle. While attacking, they can extend their body by expelling a fierce growl. It will only follow the trainer who is extremely superior in the skills, but once you become his trainer, it will never disobey you. It is evolved from the Poochyena.



This pokemon was introduced in the Kalos region, and being not fast learners; they are not suitable for a battleground. That’s why competitive trainers don’t choose them. These pokemon can be customized; you can change their color, style, etc. So the pokemon is just a normal type, and it keeps away itself from the jumpy and hypoallergic things in your house. Nowadays, they are being modified with the most elegant nature and haircut. In short, it is just a cute puppy, but it can go harder if its trainer is in danger.

  • Appearance 

Furfrou is a paddle-like pokemon covered in long fluffy fur. The colorful fur can be customized, and you can put it either at the claws, legs, or back. The dog exhibit a long pointed snout, red eyes, and a bluish nose. The appearance of Furfrou can be changed by grooming the fur coat. The coat is basically used to give it any particular look. The coat with the fur must be customized regularly as the negligence will let the fur grow, and it will return to its initial form. The styles of the coat include heart, star, and diamond shapes.

  • Abilities 

It is very intelligent and loyal. It has not evolved from any other pokemon and is similar since ancient times.



Granbull is a fairy type pokemon, and its looks are inspired by a bulldog. He is very interesting. Despite its mean face, the dog is very timid and sensitive and acts as a poor guard dog. In fact, its stubborn appearance is just because of his big lower jaw.

It is one of the pokemon who belong to the ultra moon category, and that’s why they are really famous among the players. Although it is a dog pokemon, it is bipedal and can walk just like humans. The dog is innocent and wants to stop others from bullying him. But once it evolved, it can turn into a big horrible creature nobody dare to mess with. 

  • Appearance

Granbull is a large,purplish-pink pokemon with a slightly chubby look. The dog is bipedal and has sharp fangs in his lower jaw. The lower jaw is well developed and so large that the dog has to constantly tip and tilt his head to maintain the balance of energy exertion. Moreover, there are black wrist bands around its front paws along with a black neck collar.

  • Abilities

The lower jaw and fangs of this pokemon are built especially for the offensive attack. It can crush the bones of its enemy. Its intimidating natural power has the ability to discourage any other pokemon from assaulting him. Despite its looks, the dog is often timid and only defends itself against an assault upon it. But once it gets fierce, then the opponent gets not even a single chance to escape. The dog is evolved from snubbull at the 23rd level. The name of this dog comes from the Grand and Bulldog.



The Smeargle pokemon is based on a breed of dog known as Beagles. It seems like a Beagle and a painter gets smashed together. The pokemon does not look much like a dog, and it is quite funny if we say “painter dog. “ That’s why it is not famous for the fights for the battles field but is used for the fun. The dog is a favorite one among creative artists and painters.

  • Appearance

It is a cartoonish bipedal doggy creature, and they paint by using the colorful fluid extracted from their tail. They use this color to mark their territory. The pokemon is light brown in color, along with a light brown cap on his head. The tail is a little brownish, while the tip of the tail shows the variation in color depending upon each smeargle. Also, It has brown stripes on its front arms and has one brown stripe on its hind leg. The paws have the same color as that of the painting tip of the tail. Commonly, it shows a green color.

  • Abilities

It has the ability to Own Tempo and Technician. The own tempo ability prevent them from getting confused while the technician can increase the power of their moves by 1.5. it is a fast learner and always remember the last move performed in any battle.

It does not evolve. It always remembers its signature move, either it is in series or in a mysterious maze. This pokemon is one of the 16 which are customized in the form of puppets. In Super Smash Ultimate, the eagle is a collectible spirit.


In short, the Dog pokemon is one of the powerful full species that have evolved in the Pokemon Universe. The variety of these pokemon allows you to choose your favourite one. These pokemon are extremely loyal and trainer loving, which is the reason for their popularity.

They exist from the simple cute puppies to the giant lion-like ride givers. Of course, with the most strange powers and batteling field strategies, these pokemon are fierce competitors and can give a hard time to their enemy. If you are looking to start collecting pokemon for your pokedox, the dog pokemon has no alternative. 

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