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Some coaches collect Pokémon for fun against them, train their teams, and make them solid forms. Some enjoy their original good looks, and sometimes it pays to maintain a basic form, allowing you to learn new attacks quickly.

No matter how you play, you will definitely find other creatures that get closer to your heart. Of course, “cuteness” is very dependent, and we all have our favorites, but today we will explore some of the most popular cutest Pokémon!

Also we have compiled list of shiny pokemon that you can check out!


Emolga - Cutest Pokemon

Emolga is a two-dimensional electric / flying Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

It is not known whether it evolves inside or from any other Pokémon.

  • Physiology

Emolga is a mammal flying squirrel-like Pokémon such as Pichu, Pikachu, Plusle, Minun and Pachirisu. She has white hair on her face and on the front of her body. The back of Emolga’s head is black. Its two large ears are yellow with white centres. The front hand of the Emolga has three fingers on each hand. Its membranes are used to slide and maintain the slurry that forms on its cheeks. The membrane is black on the back of his body and yellow on the front. Its legs are very short and it has small oval-shaped legs without toes, it is also like Plusle and Minun. Its tail is long and deep; the base is yellow and some are black.

  • Behavior

Emolga is able to fly in the air using a cape-like membrane, which stores electricity. It also emits electricity from its membranes to catch lightning bolts, as well as chasing the Pokémon bird away from its food.

In the Alola region, Emolga is known for living in Pikapek tree mines.


Emolga does not change.



Komala is a common form of Pokémon introduced in Generation VII.

It is not known whether it evolves inside or from any other Pokémon.

  • Physiology

Komala is a Pokémon with blue fur, with many holes in its neck. Komala cheeks, tail, and eyebrows are white. Komala has a large black nose, large ears, and black claws on its hips. Beneath Komala is a light gray. Pokémon holds a round, dark brown pillow-shaped pillow.

  • Behavior

This Pokémon remains asleep as its entry into the Pokédex in the Pokémon Sun means, its attack is nothing more than throwing and changing its dreams. According to Principal Oak in the anime episode SM056: Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!When Komala loses his trunk he will roll uncomfortably in his sleep. It also responds and alters the expressions on its face by going everywhere they dream.

Komala is also selective about the log it receives.

  • Natural abilities

Komala’s saliva, when irrigated, can cure illness and insomnia in humans. Anime Episode SM056: Let Sleep Pokémon Lie! Reveals that Komala also has sleep-deprived ways to protect himself from infections, such as Jigglypuff’s sleep song because of his sleep deprivation.


Meloetta - Best Cutest Pokemon

Meloetta is a dual generic / Psychic Mythical Pokémon presented in Generation V.

While it is not known whether it evolved or emanated from any Pokémon, Meloetta has a second Form made to work using Relic Song in battle. Its original form, Aria Form, will then be the Normal / Fighting-type Pirouette form.

  • Physiology

Meloetta is a Pokémon of fairy tales as feminine (or not a type of Fairy) with two modes. It has a large, round white head and a small black body with small edges. Her arms and legs are very small and she looks weak. In its Aria Form, Meloetta has green hair like a music bar. Her eyes are blue, and she has a round jewel on her forehead. In its Pirouette Form, Meloetta has auburn hair that seems to have been styled in a high-end style. It has red eyes that match the color of its hair. In both Forms, Meloetta’s middle class and eyes match the color of their hair.

  • Evolution

Meloetta is consistent. However, Meloetta has a second Form made work by using the Relic Song in battle. Its original Form, Aria Form, will then be the Normal / Fighting-type Pirouette Form.


Pumpkaboo - Cute Pokemon

Pumpkaboo is a dual version of Ghost / Grass Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

It turns into a Gourgeist when it is sold.

Pumpkaboo comes in four different variations: Small Size, Medium Size, Large Size, and High Size.

  • Physiology

Pumpkaboo is a ghost of Pokémon shaped like a pumpkin carved in jack-o-lantern. The upper part of its body, the round, pumpkin-shaped body is covered with a thick layer of dark brown hair curled upward at the edges. It has a curved trunk at the top of its head, and two-horned hairs on both sides.Pumpkaboo has two fertile yellow eyes and a small mouth protruding from the cup below it with two sharp teeth.The lower part of Pumpkaboo’s body is orange and has bumps, with two short legs and two holes that appear to be carved. Inside Pumpkaboo’s body, a mysterious orange light can be seen and can act as a torch.

Pumpkaboo comes in a variety of sizes, from the smallest to the largest. The size of the Pumpkaboo determines its statistics.

Pumpkaboo carries souls inside its empty body. The little Pompkaboo is made up of a few souls but the big Pumpkaboo is made up of many souls. In addition, the small Pumpkaboo prefers children while the larger Pumpkaboo prefers adults.

  • Evolution

Pumpkaboo turns into Gourgeist when it is sold.


Meowth Pokemon

Meowth is a common form of Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

It turns into Persian from level 28.

Meowth has a Gigantamax form.

In Alola, Meowth has a black form of black. It usually changes to Alolan Persian when combined with high friendships. However, in Pokémon: Let’s go, Pikachu! And Let’s Go, Eevee! Instead of switching to Alolan Persian from level 28.

At Galar, Meowth has a regional form of Steel type. It turns to Perrserker from level 28.

  • Physiology

Meowth is a small, bipedal, and feline Pokémon. It has two cream mustaches on each side of its oval-shaped face and two hairs attached to one side of a jewel-like coin on its forehead. Meowth also has a curved tail. Meowth’s tail and feet are creamy in color, but they are eventually brown. It has small pockets of paws under its heels and toes. It is very similar to Maneki Neko, a Japanese pedigree toy known for cutting the arm and hand up and down.

Alolan Meowth is light blue in color with small, half-open eyes. He was born into royalty in the past. They are corrupt, selfish, and arrogant, which makes them famous.

Galarian Meowth is a brownish-gray color with a sharp mouth and sharp teeth. He traveled with the Vikings in ancient times, which made his hair strong and iron. He fights to stretch his claws like swords.

Gigantamax Meowth is a distorted version of its original form. Its body is extremely tall, its eyes are yellow without pupils and its coin gets a large kanji from it.

  • Behavior

Meowth is very late at night and often walks the streets looking for a loose change, as it attracts bright shiny objects for some mysterious reason. It always cleans its face to prevent the forehead coin from getting dirty. It is common to witness Meowth arguing angrily with Murkrow who is also known to be equally obsessed with glitter. Although it can be easily drawn by coins and may be a friend of dedicated people, its consistency does not guarantee that such friendships will last. Even when he feels good, he will be willing to share his wealth with his Coach.

Alolan Meowth is very cunning, unpredictable and arrogant, and will be very aggressive when someone stains his coin or injures himself. It is also highly selective about food as its breed has been in the habit of paying for 100 years. However, it is popular among coaches who prefer to focus more on others than themselves. In times of war, he often targets the blind spot of his enemies.

His Galarian form is heroic, often showing a black coin to another in his head. The darker and harder the coin is, the more respect I can get for its type. It is incompatible with the Cantonese variety.

  • Natural abilities

The standard and Alola of Meowth forms have the ability to take on or the Skills Specialist. Capture allows Meowth to pick up items while the player is moving. The specialist enables idle movement. Meowth and Persia are the only Pokémon I can read Pay Day. If Meowth has a Pike, it will have a Limber if it is Persian, rarely, the common Meowth and Galarian must be Unnerve which prevents another Pokémon from eating its held berries. Alola Meowth’s hidden powers are attacked, making their speed increase by 1 degree when hit by a Bug, Dark or Ghost-type movement.

In anime, Team Rocket’s Meowth is able to talk about a person (a skill he learned while living on a Hollywood street to entertain a female Meowth named Meowzie).

  • Accommodation

Meowth The standard Pokémon roams and lives in big cities and towns. Others live in forests or near beaches. Most are everywhere in Kanto and Johto, but it is rare in Sinnoh.

Alolan Meowth did not originate from Alola but instead was an imported royal form. The fall of the kings has made them commonplace and near Alola.

  • Evolution

Meowth turns into Persian at level 28.

Alolan Meowth converts to Alola Persian with great pleasure.

Galarian Meowth transforms into a Perrserker level 28.



Woobat is a Psychic/Flying Pokémon of the main type introduced in Generation V.

Converts to Swoobat when rated with high friendliness.

  • Physiology

Woobat is a small, round, non-slip Pokémon with wings like a bat. It play with small, bat-shaped wings on each side of its round, furry, blue body. In the center of her face is a round, pink nose with eyelids closed on both sides (her hair is so long and so soft that her eyes cannot be seen). There has only one nostril in this and is almost in the heart. They have a single, large, pointed reed emerging from its upper jaw.

  • Special Abilities

Woobat has the skills Unaware or Klutz 50/50 chances to have one or the other, and can be a simple skill if found in Dream World.

  • Evolution

Woobat turns into Swoobat while having Max Happiness on any level.


Shinxx Cute Pokemon

The Shinxx is a Pokémon of the electric type introduced in Generation IV.

It turns to Luxio starting at level 15, which turns into Luxray starting at level 30.

  • Physiology

Shinxx’s fur is mostly blue, although it has black fur under its skin. It has a long black tail with a gold star on the four rings at the end. Its front legs have a gold ring all around; this is the same electric shock as Pikachu’s cheek. It has large, oval ears with gold, star-shaped markings on them. He has golden eyes and a reddish-pink nose. It has pieces of hair that eventually grow into a man. Whenever his mouth is open, small teeth appear to grow.

  • Gender differences

A woman’s snail does not stick like a man’s snail. Also, all four females of the female Shinxx are blue while the hind legs of the male are black.

  • Behavior

Despite their good intentions, Shinxx is a heartwarming Pokémon, and they hate betrayal.

In the wild, if Sinxx’s claw is damaged, it loses its ability to communicate with others and will be separated from its packet.When its tail tip glows brightly, it can send signals to its kind by moving its tail.

  • Special Abilities

The Shinxx can generate electricity by aligning its muscles, which can make its fur shine.

  • Accommodation

Most Shinxx people live in the Sinnoh forests, though only a few live in Lumiose City, the sewer pipes, and the Kalos power stations.

  • Evolution

The Shinxx changes to Luxio when it reaches level 15, and it turns into Luxray when it reaches level 30.


Cubone Cutest Pokemon

Cubone is a Ground-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

It shifts to Marowak starting at level 28.

In Alola, Cubone turns into Alolan Marowak where it is measured at night starting at level 28.

  • Physiology

Cubone, known as Lonely Pokémon, appears to be a small, brown, dinosaur-like dinosaur that always wears the head of its deceased mother as a helmet. The skull hides its true face with a look, making it confusing to many coaches and investigators. Its sound echoes through the skull and comes out as music that is painful and miserable. On the night of the full moon, she cries, for she seems to have seen her mother’s face in the moonlight, tears create scars on the scalp. Cubone has heavy, light-colored underpants, with strong, dense legs that carry the bone as a weapon circling wherever it goes. Cubone has one toe, nailed to each foot, with two nails in the back. The small tail is also there to measure, but can be used for attack.

  • Natural abilities

Cubone’s real face has never been seen before, thanks to its mask. When she thinks about her dead mother, she cries. Its cries make the wearer’s head sound louder.

  • Evolution

Cubone turns to Marowak at level 28.

In Alola, it turns into Alolan Marowak at night starting at level 28.

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