Can THC Help You Become a Better Gamer?

Do you like to play video games? If so, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to improve your gaming skills. Believe it or not, THC may be able to help. There’s a growing debate in the gaming community about the use of THC and its potential benefits for gamers. 

While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, some gamers say that they have noticed a difference in their performance after using THC. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, there are a wide variety of products that you can try. One of the gamers’ favorites is the Delta 9 THC gummies which are legal in most US states.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of THC and how it can help you become a better gamer. We will also provide tips for using THC to improve your gaming skills. 

How THC Can Improve Your Gaming Skills

Some people believe that THC can help improve your hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and focus.  These benefits are due to the fact that THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating mood, memory, and pain.

Winning a game requires split-second decisions and quick reflexes. Therefore, if THC can improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time, it stands to reason that it could also help you become a better gamer. In addition, THC can also improve your focus. When you’re focused, you’re able to block out distractions and concentrate on the tasks.

A study published in Frontiers in Neuroscience found that THC can improve cognitive function in rats. This suggests that THC may be able to help humans improve their cognitive function as well. 

Tips for Cannabis THC While Playing

There are different types of products that you can use depending on the mood that you have while gaming. If you want to feel calm and relaxed, you can try using CBD-based products. CBD is known for its calming and relaxing effects that would bring mindfulness which helps your decision-making.

If you want to feel more energized, you can try using THC-based products. However, it’s important to start with a low dose and increase it gradually until you find the right amount that suits your needs. You don’t want to use too much THC as it can cause anxiety and paranoia, depending on the person using the product.

Another thing is, THC causes the release of dopamine which is a feel-good brain chemical. Who doesn’t want to feel good while playing their favorite games, right?

The Future of Cannabis and Gaming

Although the use of cannabis is still prohibited by major gaming event organizers like ESL, we can see a lot of gamers using it during the off-season. This prohibition is due to WADA putting cannabis as a banned substance on their list.

“We’re banning marijuana because it is already on the banned list of substances as defined by WADA, and it’s that list we’re going to use,” says Anna Rozwandowicz, ESL head of communications.

While major sports organizations like NFL and NHL are already changing their policy when it comes to players’ cannabis usage, it only takes a matter of time before esports organizers follow suit. Besides, with more and more states legalizing cannabis, it wouldn’t make sense for gaming event organizers to ban players who use it.

Whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer, using cannabis can help improve your gaming skills.


Cannabis, particularly THC products have been effective for other gamers. If you are a fan of watching streamers, you may notice some using THC edibles, concentrates and even smoking it while streaming.

Keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you. If you haven’t tried it before, we suggest that you start with a low dose and test different products that will work for you. As with anything, moderation is key.

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