Our Picks for the Best Games of 2022

We’re in the second half of the year. So far, 2022 has delivered a handful of impressive video games. Some of these games will likely top the end of the year list—Elden Ring.

However, we’re yet to see the best of 2022. Some top developers release their best games in the last quarter of the year. So, save some cash. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the games dominating talks this year:

1—Elden Ring

Elden Ring might have been delayed for months. But it was worth the wait. The open world RPG adventure game is intimidating and full of poisonous swamps. Monsters and boss fights can also be tough.

But the game gives you plenty of choices to avoid fights you can’t through a guide called Torrent. If you’re wondering why everyone is obsessed with this game, you need to give it a try.

It’s vast, meaning it will take you days to explore the open world and challenge most bosses in the game. As mentioned, though, this masterpiece by FromSoftware gives you the choice to abandon fights you can’t win.

In the end, the goal is to become Elden Lord: the warrior who fixes the broken Elden Ring. While it might take you days to explore the entire world and beat the big boys, you will have tremendous fun in the process.

2—Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Pokémon as a different game from what we know and love. But that is not entirely true. Yes, developer Game Freak removed certain elements popular with the game series: Trainer battles, random encounters, and the elite four.

But if you love Pokemon because you can collect a host of monsters, working on challenges and battles, you will love Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In fact, this game has been ranking among the best-rated games of this year.

And that’s not just because it’s a new Pokemon game. Game Freak built this game from the ground up. When you meet a Pokémon in the overworld, you don’t have to touch them to start a fight.

You can use berries and mud balls to trigger them into action. You could also send one of your Pokemon to do the fighting for you. Another interesting feature of this game is that many Pokémon in Arceus have intriguing personalities.

3—Online Casino Games

Slots, blackjack, roulette and poker have been getting a lot of attention in the US lately. This is because online real money casinos are becoming more established in the US. No, we are not talking about black market operators based overseas.

Locally, iGaming is growing fast, thanks to legalization in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Both Delaware and West Virginia also permit casino gambling. And more states are contemplating legalizing the sector.

The growing wave of legal iGaming in the US started in 2018. At the time, the Supreme Court abolished PASPA and allowed states to regulate sports betting. States already had the mandate to regulate online casinos.

But only New Jersey and Delaware had legal online casino laws at the time. After the 2018 decision, more states legalized both sports betting and games of chance.

4—Horizon Forbidden West

This is yet another sequel to an already popular game. It comes nearly five years after Horizon Zero Dawn came out. Yet, gamers still love the original. Luckily, Horizon Forbidden West is just as incredibly built as the original.

The Game follows Aloy’s story six months after she defeated HADES. She’s on a journey to find a backup for GAIA before Meridian gets hold of it. Accompanied by Varl, they find Sylens before getting involved in a civil war.

In addition to clearer graphics and smoother gameplay, the new game also adds depth to Aloy’s story. Precisely, she’s now more empathetic of worldly creatures than ever before.

Part of what makes Horizon Forbidden West an interesting game is its side quests. There are plenty of mini games, from helping Tenakth help keep his people safe to finding food.

5—Neon White

Neon white is a first shooter game starring Neon White, a sinner from hell. Neon is on a mission to save heaven from a demon infestation, after which he will get a spot in the godly place.

The game is pretty fast, with some fights taking less than 30 seconds. Still, it’s entertaining controlling Neon as he sprints from one level to another as he demolishes demons.

You also get some help from Soul Cards. Use these cards to access weapons. Each card has a specific purpose. But the weapons you get from them are finite. This means you need to be strategic with how you use cards.

For example, you can activate the fireball cards to dismantle a group of demons at the same time. Then you can use jump cards for levels where you have to complete maneuvers.


NORCO is a sci-fi video game inspired by the city of Norco, Louisiana. It’s a reflection of the real world in terms of faith, materialism, class, identity and social issues. Since its launch, people have also praised the game’s pixel arts, simple adventures and focus on social issues.

The game focuses on a woman named Kay. She’s back home after burying her mother, who dies of cancer. At home, Kay discovers her mother had multiple affairs, and that her brother is missing.

To be clear, NORCO is set in the future. There’s a clinic that offers the service to upload your consciousness into an app. Also, most backyards have sentient security systems.


2022 is turning out to be a great year for gamers. There have been a few amazing games. And some of the biggest developers have not released their games yet. Still, this makes it a good opportunity to enjoy the games mentioned above.

Elden Ring has been all everyone is talking about. However, the other games are impressive too, so try them out.

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