Best Collecting Games You Should Try

Collecting all kinds of things is an integral part of life for many of us. But, most of all, the population of Japan is interested in this, which is happy to put coins in gacha machines.

Collecting is one of the oldest hobbies in the world, growing ever since mobile games began taking over cell phones. Although Japanese people are most enjoy collecting, the whole world decided not to stay away and even the genre of “gacha games” appeared. As you might guess, players collect characters, weapons, and other items in them. The higher the rarity of such an item, the greater its damage or armor. We will tell you about similar games.


SINoALICE is a mobile RPG on which the creative director of NieR: Automata Yoko Taro worked. Already this fact should incline the millions of fans of his games, but this project has a few more advantages. For example, its action occurs in a fantasy world filled with characters from classic children’s fairy tales: Snow White, Cinderella, clash of clans mod apk and others.

Each of the girls tells their own uneasy story, and it’s true: the local universe is dark and depressing, and the girls want to resurrect their creators. But only one can stay alive. So in SINoALICE you will have to collect weapons, and there are more than 150 of them in total. 

Island Exorcism

Players take on the role of exorcists who have arrived on Jeju Island. Their goal is to defeat all manner of evil that has come here from all over the world. The developers took inspiration from eastern spirits and western monsters during the design of the demons.

Characters change externally as you level up or get new weapons. Reach the right level, and you can safely go on raids with your comrades. Island Exorcism has a variety of modes so that newcomers and veterans of the genre will not get bored.

Bistro Heroes

Another game from the Korean developers. Its main difference is that it weighs 200 MB. Despite this, Bistro Heroes has a lot to offer to RPG lovers: fight forest and sea monsters, collect ingredients and use them to prepare the most delicious dishes. This is so that the people of your town can eat at the local eatery.

Develop the town, collect costumes for the characters and help the heroes to save the world. But also don’t forget to feed them fantastic delicacies.

Iron Saga

If you like the theme of robot mechs figuring things out on the battlefield, then Iron Saga is your choice. In addition to the fact that it is available in the CIS on iOS and Android, it has a PvP mode.

In this project, you need to collect various mechs. They are here more than 500 and each of them is animated. For battles, you can choose from more than 100,000 combinations, and a large number of modes will not give boredom.


CounterSide is a 2D-RPG in the urban fantasy genre. The player acts as the director of a private military company. They have to assemble characters and form a team to fight against the mirror world. By the way, the interaction of two worlds – real and mirror world – in one city and builds the plot.

Counter Side features more than 90 characters and over 300,000 lines of dialogue. Compared to other Nexon projects, the developers tried to reduce the influence of in-game purchases on the game’s balance. If before the players had to fill Nexon with suitcases, now they can enjoy the game first, and then, if they want, bring the money. 

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle features characters from each saga and uses a different battle system than we’re used to.

In each match, you have to choose some spheres that make the fighters’ attacks more powerful. It has weekly events and constantly releases new and increasingly powerful characters, making it one of the best collectible games for Android.

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel superheroes are well represented on smartphones and tablets with a variety of collectible games for Android. The best in this regard is Marvel Future Fight, an action RPG of heroes. What makes it better than the company’s other good games is the speed at which it reaches the characters and their diversity, including one of the most prominent actors, ranging from characters known to the general public as Iron Man to the most unknown and exclusively for comic book characters such as Silk.

Dragon Mania: The Legend

Dragon Mania: The Legend focuses on the biggest reptiles in fantasy worlds following the wave of collectible monsters: dragons. Divided into types and elements, the game contributes more to the creation and development of small dragons until they become powerful fighters. It has a 3 × 3 combat system and currently has about 200 species that can be collected and bred for battle. 

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