Add the ‘oomph’ factor with your style statement 

No fashion outfit is complete without accessories. The bags, tiny fashion jewelry, scarves, and hats play a pivotal role in bringing the entire outfit to the level of excellence. Let the heads turn when you adorn the stylish cowboy hat on sunny evenings. You will earn many compliments if you team up the gorgeous headcovers with a pair of denim or high boots. If you want to try something interesting, try pairing your clothes with a waist trainer. You can wear them under or above your clothes to get an hourglass figure within minutes.

Cowboy hat chronicles – it’s no more a male accessory

The classic cowboy hats are synonymous with male head accessories but, times are changing. Women are willing to explore the conventional male outfits and accessories – Hat is the top choice.

In the year 1865, John B Stetson designed the foremost classic cowboy. The whole design was in leather with metal fittings and reflected the North American style and taste. By the 19th century, there were significant changes in the style as the Mexican influence altered the designs and fabric type. It was not just to cover the head; instead morphed into primary sun protection gear.

Cowboy hats slowly became popular among youth and especially younger women. The original design of Mr. Stetson was famous as “Boss of the Plains.” However, the classic style is very different from the contemporary one. The traditional shape was tall and rounded with an enormous flat brim. The material was leather, felt, or straw. Womens straw cowboy hats are popular now. 

Traditional Vs. modern design – grab one of each and add it to your wardrobe.

The traditional cowboy hats are huge with heavy rounded crowns, and the inner side has a fitted sweatband. The band helps in getting a comfortable fit. It is crucial to have a great fit head accessory. The sweatband also helps in keeping the crown dry. People started customizing the hat styles and made changes to the crown. There were prominent crown people, so an extendable strap came into the design. There were also changes in the size and style of the brim. The classic cowboy hats come in beige, black and brown.

The contemporary designs are more fabulous and more outfit matching. Many extra attachments come with modern hats. Custom styles are more popular which are specific to weaving and material. Trendy womens straw cowboy hats transform from ‘just another accessory’ to ‘statement pieces.’ From various color preferences, material choices, and appropriate options – you have a plethora to pick.

Determine your style – Cool, stylish, striking, cheeky, and more

Pick your design and create a style statement with dazzling head accessories. Your personality is the inner reflection of who you are. The crease of a hat, the floppiness of the brim, the tiny attachments on it, and the material – all culminate your fashion taste. Ask for bespoke designs to get the most delicate-looking straw hats this summer. Many hat makers online offer custom head accessories specific to size, design, shape, material, and price. 

Explore the various styles

The Cattleman crease: The standard crown size is 4-5 inches. The classic cowboy design has a taller and curvy crown with a single crease at the center and two sides. The brim is medium rounded with a standard curve size of 4-4.5 inches.

The Ranch style hat was the typical shape and differentiated from the Rodeo design headcover. The form is not just functional but also looks adorable on taller women with broad shoulders. You must have one in your collection of head accessories as; it protects from high winds and rain.

Gus style hat is another popular variation of the Cattleman cap. The minor difference is in the crease. There is a slight pinch size dent in the front of the crown that gives an outback appearance to the hat.

The finest variety is the stampede studded brown stallion cowboy hat, which has come back in fashion after decades.

The Montana/Tom mix crease: The standard crown size is 4-6.5 inches. The brim is small and less rounded in size of 4-4.5 inches. The name reveals the origin of this hat. The crease style is like the Cattleman design but with few differences. The dents on the sides of the crown are minor, then the indentation at the back. The center crease is more prominent and pinched in the front.

The Tom Mix hat is one of the classic Montana-style accessories. The front pinch is more profound than the back crease, and the brim is a little extra upturn. The Tom mix cowboy caps were trendy in the 1920s and 1930s. The name is after the famous Hollywood icon. It soon gave competition to the classic Stetson hat.

Women with solid fashion taste must try one of these cowboy styles. It is for daring people who believe in themselves and loves experimenting with accessories. Get one of the felt ones to add to your accessory range and play it on one spring evening. You can always personalize the hats by adding beads, conch, and shells.

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