A Guide to Preventing Back Pain in New Parents

Becoming a parent is one of the most special feelings in the world and it won’t be wrong to say that this feeling comes with great responsibilities. Taking good care of a newborn requires a lot of physical and mental effort. Sleepless nights, concerns about why the child is crying, regular doctor visits, and much more. All this is common in the initial stages after the child is born.

It is often noticed that the back of the parents suffers the most. There are a lot of activities that parents have to perform while taking care of their newborn, and that puts stress on their back. But considering simple things can reduce that stress and reduce the risk of back problems.

In this post, we will be discussing some tips to reduce the risk of preventing back pain in new parents.

Back Pain Preventing Tips for New Parents

Lift your baby carefully

Lifting the newborn is a frequent task for new parents. And it won’t be wrong to say that parents often use the wrong position while lifting the child. Now, what you need to do is to avoid bending your waist in the first place. To lift the child, first of all, bend your knees so that you are squatting. In this process, keep your back straight and while picking the child, keep him/her close to your body. Considering this simple tip will reduce a lot of stress applied to the back while minimizing the risk of back problems.

Feed your baby smartly

This is for all the new mothers reading this post. You need to be very careful while feeding your child. Until now, what we were doing is sitting on the bed holding the baby, and bending down towards him/her while feeding. This is what we were doing wrong. In this position, you are completely bending your back while putting it under a lot of stress, and with time, you experience back pain. So, what you should do to avoid this?

First of all, sit at a place with a backrest to keep your back straight. Now, while feeding, bring your baby close to the breast rather than bending down towards your baby. This will surely help prevent back issues in the long run.

Travel with your baby safely

Many of us use baby carriers while traveling with them. That’s a good thing to ensure the safety of the child while keeping your hands free. But, choosing the right carrier should be the priority.

Here, you must select a baby carrier with wide padded straps along with a strap that wraps around your waist for additional support. This type of baby carrier evenly distributes the weight of the baby around your back and reduces stress. Here, we will always suggest choosing a branded one for safety and durability.

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