8 Ways to Tweak Mac for the Best Gaming Experience 

For a majority of users, a gaming computer means upgradable hardware, which only Windows computers can offer. Not to mention, you will get a lot of options equipped with high-performing hardware and software at a comparatively lower price.

Moreover, there is a wider variety of gaming options available for Windows PC and laptops than there are for MacBooks and Macs. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to replace your Mac with a PC to be able to play high-end games. You can optimize your gaming experience on Mac without switching the operating system. 

#1. Check Mac’s System Specs

Before downloading a new game on your computer, do not forget to take note of the processor, memory, OS version, graphic card, available hard drive space, and similar specs. To view your Mac’s hardware and OS specifications, click on the Apple icon and go to About This Mac. 

You must be wondering Why you need to check this information. Right? Well, the reason is that every game comes with the minimum required and recommended system specifications. It indicates that the game can be downloaded on a computer that fulfills at least the minimum requirements. 

#2. Remove Hidden Files on Mac

Computer manufacturers hide system files along with some other files to prevent users from accidentally deleting them. Over time, junk files start to get stored in the hidden folder, which is stored in the ~/Library folder on your Mac drive. 

To show and remove hidden files mac, press and hold down Command + Shift + [.] keys. You can either select and delete the unnecessary files one by one or use a third-party file removal tool for quick and efficient processing. 

#3. Ensure Free Space on Hard Drive

Always make sure that your hard drive never falls below the 15% mark. Once your storage drops below the mark, the system starts to slow down. The reason is that the background apps and the processes will not get access to the resources they need to run smoothly. 

In that case, if you wish to play a game, your system will not work at an optimal level. You will have to delete unnecessary applications, duplicate files, and redundant programs. You can either remove them manually or use a third-party tool to make your work easy and quick. 

#4. Close All Menu Bar Apps

Heavy load apps such as graphic design, video editing, or programming apps consume a lot of system resources. A very little memory or processing power is left for other tasks that affect the system performance and make it difficult to run essential programs.  

Make sure to quit menu bar apps that keep running in the background. The lesser the number of open apps, the more responsive the system will be. Fewer apps running in the background will not put pressure on the processor and will not consume any system resources, making your system good for gaming. 

#5. Stop Startup Apps

Each time you start your computer, dozens of apps open automatically and begin to consume their share of resources. For an uninterrupted gaming experience, you will need to stop these applications from starting automatically.

Go to System Preferences, click Users & Groups, navigate to the Login Items tab. Select the app and click on the – (minus) button to stop these apps from auto-starting. If you wish, you can remove all the login items from the list. 

#6. Update Software Apps

Software updates come with security patches that are essential for bug-fixing. If a new version of the operating system is available, install it to keep your system up and running as well as free from security threats. 

If you are signed in to any gaming platform like Steam, you should update all the games by installing updates, patches, and new versions to ensure optimal system performance. 

#7. Configure Game Settings 

Each game that you play comes with graphics settings which can be different for all the games. Graphic settings allow you to add details to the game background. You can change these settings by navigating to the game menu under Graphics. 

The majority of games allow you to change the quality of graphics and adjust it to high or low. You can keep the best graphic settings as per your preference and requirement. The graphic settings you select will affect your gaming experience to some extent. 

#8. Use Windows to Play Game on Mac

Confused? Well, you can install Windows on your Mac computer by partitioning the startup disk. Use Apple’s native Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows on Mac; later, install games on the Windows partition and enjoy your game sitting on a comfortable gaming chair

This way, you can use both macOS and Windows on the same computer and can install programs at your convenience. Moreover, you can install Mac-specific games on the macOS partition and Windows-specific games on Windows partitions to balance the load. 

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