7 wonderful Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

We are surrounded by plenty of opportunities to earn points and miles, credit card bonuses, even cashback. If you know how to take advantage of these offers, you can gain a lot of gift cards in a matter of minutes and save money for the future. What are you waiting for? Here are seven ways to get gift cards in as little as 5 minutes:

1. Earn gift cards for filling out surveys

One of the most popular ways to get gift cards is by filling out surveys. All you have to do is register with a survey website, and they will send you offers to participate in surveys. Most surveys don’t even take 5 minutes, and you get paid for your participation.

Surveys are one of the most popular ways to earn points online because they don’t require special skills, and they pay quickly.

2. Read emails and get gift cards

Some companies will give you cash or a gift card for reading emails it sends you. It works very simply – you sign up with them, and they send you an email with a link to click. You get paid in gift cards or cash if you click on the link.

3. Get paid in gift cards to play games

Some websites pay you with Free Gift Cards to play games online. Once you join these websites and start playing, they will track your progress, and if you are doing well, they will give you a gift card – it’s that simple!

4. Use a search engine and get paid gift cards

You search Google every day and don’t get anything back from it. However, some rewards sites have their own search engines, and they’ll pay you in gift cards to use them. That’s right; they will pay you to search the web with their search engine.

This is an excellent way of getting gift cards because you do it every day, and you get valuable information in the process.

5. You can earn gift cards by watching videos

Another way to earn gift cards is by watching videos. Why would a company pay you to watch their videos? They do so to help get the word out about their product or service. In return, they’ll reward you with gift cards.

6. Referring your friends can get you gift cards too

Most sites that give away gift cards for free have a referral program that allows you to refer friends and family. If you can send many people to the site, you can earn a lot of gift cards.

You can spread the word about these sites on social networking websites and forums. That way, you can earn many gift cards with little effort.

7. Shop online and get cashback gift cards

There are sites where if you buy through their special links, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for gift cards. You’re already making these purchases anyway, so it’s not like you’re spending money you wouldn’t already be spending. You can go through these websites to get cashback, and you’ll get a gift card for using their links.

Any one of these seven tips will get you a gift card to use at various retailers. There’s no limit on how many gift cards you can receive, so it’s best to use all the methods mentioned above to get as many as you can.

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