7 Steps to Take to Make Money on Doordash


Doordash has found that Dashers can earn $25 on average hourly. Plus, Dashers keep 100% of their tips.

Earning money through the delivery service takes some prep work. For example, Dashers must learn traffic patterns, delivery demand windows, and what equipment works best for delivering.

Picking up bundled deliveries is one way to increase earnings. Improving delivery times is another.

The following are seven steps to take to make money on Doordash.

  1. Create a Profile

To start earning money on Doordash, create a profile on the platform. Sign up and fulfill each requirement. Users don’t pick their delivery people. However, the profile information tells them whom to expect.

Plus, Dashers must understand the platform’s terms of service. By reading through the expectations, each person can keep their account and work since they will not make unnecessary mistakes. After all, keeping the account in good standing ensures that individuals can continue working.

  1. Complete a Few Jobs

Completing a few deliveries is a great way to obtain a lay of the land. Individuals in big cities may have seen the delivery pick-up spaces at fast food restaurants. They may have also spotted individuals picking up the orders.

Seeing the process is different from experiencing it. Dashers accept deliveries and follow the instructions outlined for them on the app. Then, they navigate from their starting point to the pickup spot and the destination.

It doesn’t hurt to obtain more guidance when figuring out the lay of the land. Selfgood provides additional tips on how to make money on Doordash.

  1. Purchase the Right Equipment

After obtaining some experience, you’ll understand what equipment will help you optimize your deliveries.

In most cases, Dashers must procure a vehicle. In others, they can rent scooters or bicycles for deliveries. For example, bikes and scooters work best for delivering in downtown areas, such as Los Angeles and New York City.

Doordash brands them, and Dashers check them out and back in as necessary.

Other equipment that Dashers can invest in includes:

  • Insulated bags for food
  • Smartphone
  • Phone mount
  • Doordash branded items such as t-shirts and vehicle signs
  • Bluetooth enabled headset

The best equipment helps, Dashers optimize deliveries and keep the food warm.

Timely deliveries earn Dashers excellent ratings, which leads to better delivery jobs.

  1. Study the Peak Demand Windows

Dashers who pay attention during the first few deliveries will learn when the peak demand windows occur. Logically, the bulk of deliveries takes place during lunch hours, especially in business areas of town.

Peak windows can also occur on the weekends during breakfast and brunch hours in residential areas.

Dashers might also find themselves delivering to hotel guests during dinner hours on weekdays.

After figuring out the peak windows, remain available to work them to earn the most money without a lot of lag time.

  1. Pick Your Routes

Next, pick the routes that have the most demand. Dashers who live near downtown areas might try out those routes. Ideally, you’ll pick up bundled orders from nearby eateries and deliver them to office buildings.

It’s also worth checking out areas with high congestion of hotels, motels, and multi-unit buildings.

Some Dashers might pick routes in familiar areas, making driving easier. Delivery jobs leave little room for mistakes or getting lost.

  1. Commit

Gig platforms like Doordash help freelancers and independent workers earn extra cash. The platforms also help entrepreneurs make a living full-time.

Therefore, the amount an individual will earn through the platform depends on their commitment. You can commit to making $50 daily or $100. Others can only commit to earning $200 weekly.

  1. Set Goals

Finally, set goals. Delivering food incurs costs. For example, Dashers pay for:

  • Gas
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Equipment

Therefore, Dashers should examine their expenses against the amount that they earn. Some can live with making $15 hourly after expenses. Others need to earn more. Thus, they must find better routes, different windows to work, or different transportation modes.

Nonetheless, setting goals helps Dashers focus themselves when they work.


Making money through Doordash is a straightforward venture. After creating an account and satisfying the verification requirements, test the waters by picking up and delivering a few orders. Then, invest in food delivery equipment and pick routes that optimize your time.

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