7 Signs You Chose the Wrong Topic for a Research Paper

Have you ever felt bored with research paper writing? Have you experienced writer’s block? We bet you know what that feels like. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we would want it. And often, the reason for it is beyond mere laziness.

Sometimes it all goes wrong because you simply choose the wrong topic. It might be interesting enough but already has no place for original ideas. Or it may be engaging enough but too difficult to develop into a paper.

That’s why you must be cautious when you choose a topic for your research. Don’t make quick decisions and investigate literature sources enough to be sure that the choice is right.

Professionals providing write my essay services for EssayHub warn that you should consider changing your research topic as soon as you notice one of the signs mentioned below. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time writing something that will hardly get a high grade.

You Don’t Learn Anything New

If you don’t get any new information when you prepare for writing, this is bad. The right topic must provoke you to investigate, and it must be efficient. If you feel bored and get no new information, there is no chance you’ll make your audience interested.

Be careful about choosing topics that you feel are your areas of expertise. They might be tricky. Such topics are usually considered to be the best choice, but sometimes your expert level prevents you from actually benefiting from research.

You Feel Stuck

If you feel stuck when writing, check if the topic of your choice is not a mistake. Have you ever noticed that sometimes writing an essay is a piece of cake, but other times it doesn’t? It all depends on the topic.

In the case of an essay, you don’t have any choice. You need to write what’s requested. With a research paper, however, you have a privilege of choice. So, choose a topic that helps you rather than blocks you.

However, if you are sure that the topic is not a problem, you may request essay writing companies to help. Read essay writing websites reviews on NoCramming to find a reliable one, and its writing specialists will definitely handle the task for you. 

You Are Not Inspired

Good research should awaken your curiosity. You should be thinking of it wherever you are. If you are not, this is a bad sign. That means you research something that is far from your interests.

Do not chase what we call “popular” topics. You may create a great research paper if you choose a topic that does not look appealing at first. There is something precious in topics that others choose to avoid.

You Can’t Find Much Literature

A research paper can’t be good if you can’t find any proper source to cite. On the contrary, research paper writing is all about references and evidence. The more you can find, the more you should include.

Your ideal topic should have a substantial body of research behind it. Yet, it must intrigue you and the audience, as well as provoke others to study the problem further.

You Can’t Apply Qualitative and Quantitative Methods of Research

Since this is a research paper that you are writing, you must provide the description and findings of your research. If you are puzzled about the subject of your research, you’d better give up writing on this topic. If your choice is correct, you won’t have any trouble with your research ideation.

Don’t waste any other second if you think your topic is hard to study. A research paper must not be difficult to write; it must be exciting.

You Find Trouble With Data

If data collection is problematic, you’d better think of changing the topic. If you find it too hard to determine the sample size, or if your primary data collection provided insufficient or irrelevant results, you must be especially careful. From the very beginning, data issues may affect the whole writing process.

Sometimes, being stubborn works, and such people end up with perfect essays or research papers. However, it’s not always the case. If writing and research are not your strongest skills, you’d better give up the topic.

You Have a Bad Feeling

Do not ignore your intuition. It may help you out in many situations, including even research paper writing. If you believe that your choice is wrong this time, do not seek other reasons to give it up. Your bad feeling is just enough.


After all, no one is forcing you to work on this particular topic. In the case of a research paper, you have some freedom of choice. Also, no one will judge you if you suddenly realize that you want to work on something else.


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