7 Reasons to Customize Your Glock

Glock is the most recognizable firearm in the world. It’s easy to use, reliable, inexpensive, and has many customization options. All Glock models have a specific shape, but customizing it will differentiate your weapon from others and sprite up the look of other Glock models in your collection. Whether you are a professional or a first-time gun owner, you can build an 80% Glock so that it’s customized exactly the way you’d like. Following are some of the reasons why you should customize your Glock.

  1. Aftermarket Sights

Glocks are known for their reliability and easy handling. Although the factory shape is impressive, customization increases performance and appearance. For example, you can add aftermarket sights that are sure to improve the accuracy and precision of your Glock. Since these attachments are not company-fitted, buying from a recognized seller is the only way to acquire them.

  1. Customized Grips

Glocks are widely used firearms by both civilians and law enforcement; this is why you can find customization options for nearly all models. One such customization option is a Glock grip. Glock grip modifications can be used to improve the shape of its grip. In addition, there are other customization options available that can be further modified according to your style and usage. They also come in various colors and designs to enhance your firearms look further.

  1. Stippling

This method involves changing the grip by melting the pattern and design for further experimenting with the firearm’s grip. Stippling can be done in different designs or according to your requirements. However, remember precision is needed for desired results; therefore, use a proper frame and tools for this customization.

  1. Custom Blackpates

This is one of the easiest and most recognized techniques to customize any Glock model. Slide plates, commonly known as Glock gun backplates, can be changed or swapped to give extra mobility and ease of use.

  1. Magazine Plates

Glock Magazine’s base plates are similar to Glock backplates and are not difficult to switch out. They also in several designs that can be further customized. However, if you have difficulty choosing a mag plate, buy a couple of them. You don’t have to worry, as they work with all Glock models.

  1. Ceramic Coating

Custom ceramic coating or Cerakote is a great way to imprint your personality on the Glock. Make your handgun stand out by applying unique custom designs and colors to enhance it visually. This will also protect it from environmental hazards such as rust.

  1. Glock Triggers

A Glock trigger modification is another minor change in the aesthetics of your firearm, and it also enhances the functionality. Trigger modification can improve performance by minimizing force and offering a smooth and crisp trigger function. You can buy these modified triggers from a trusted dealer or be a little adventurous and build one yourself.

Customizing your Glock is a fun activity that reflects your taste and style. However, some users go overboard with customization, which might affect the firearm’s performance and overall look. Therefore, keep it to a minimum and use proper gear to install these modifications.

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