6 perfect fashion summer shoes for women with flat feet

With the onset of summer days, every girl is in search of her ideal pair of shoes. Most often it should be not only stylish but also comfortable to wear every day. But because of the heat and swelling feet are even more tired and need proper support. As a result, a walk brings disappointment, and the wrong gait affects health. We tell you about great shoe models for warm weather, in which every day will be filled with wonderful memories.

Sandals with wide straps

For some girls, it can be very difficult to find a suitable pair of shoes. Popular models of sandals and shoes are supplemented with narrow straps, and when walking such decorative elements are likely to rub your feet. Alas, but wearing uncomfortable shoes is fraught with the occurrence of blisters and bumps on the foot.

So, you should look at the rough, but stylish sandals with wide and comfortable straps. And if you want something more extravagant, then sandals with a print will help. A slightly elevated sole should be made of elastic material so that when wearing such a shoe, your feet will be as comfortable as on a feather pillow. And if the sandals are elegantly decorated you can even safely wear them with a suit and even an evening dress. You can even visit the luxury land-based casino in them if you don’t want to play Hellspin Casino at home.

Chunky sandals

For several seasons in a row, they were among the trends, now they have slipped into the category of basics: they have proved to be too comfortable and versatile to wear. Whether they are made of leather, rubber or even with fur trim, they are all relevant and, above all, very comfortable for the foot. 


An indispensable pair for the office. They look very formal but are much more comfortable than classic pumps. Modern loafers can be softer or more structured and keep their shape – with pointed or round toe, smooth or structured, with a solid or thin sole. The choice is really wide.

Padded mules

This season thinks about stylish and minimalist mules. Not only this pair will not be hot in warm weather, but you can find the perfect option based on your wishes. Ladies with a full leg and protruding bones on the foot are better to look at the trendy shoes with a blowing top. Soft leather straps do not squeeze the leg, and later such models can be unbuttoned to the right size.

If a woman has flat feet, it is better to give preference to the mule on a stable square heel. The heel should be 5 centimetres, otherwise, you can only aggravate the existing problems.


Classic white or multicoloured sneakers made of leather or textile are perhaps the most wearable type of summer shoes. In addition, this model is good walking shoes for women with flat feet, because the grounded bottom on the classic converts can worsen the condition of the feet when walking. Even they will be a great alternative to high heels, especially for those who need extra centimetres for growth. After all, sneakers are easy to combine with trendy jeans, a lightweight dress, and a strict suit.


Sometimes for girls with a high rise, wide feet and deformed bones is difficult to find a suitable pair for summer. Trendy models from mass-market chafe and bring physical discomfort, and a special line looks outdated. In such a difficult situation, we advise having a closer look at the popular and comfortable shoe models listed above. 

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