6 Expert Tips for COD Warzone You Need to Know to Survive

Making it alive from a battle royale game is not a small feat. Call of duty Warzone is hot, and many people die early in the game. But even at that, others who win these matches and emerge as the last man or team standing. 

So, what are their secrets? How are they lasting longer in the warzone to even win the other 140+ players who’re vying for the same victory? Let’s find out in this article. Then, we’ll be sharing some of the expert tips that help others to live longer on the battleground. 

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Warzone Tips from Expert players

  1. Choose your landing zone wisely. 

The manner and place you land into the battleground determine how early you will die in the game. If you land into the battle headlong, the chances of dying fast become high. But if you drop a little far from the action, you can extend your life more. 

But to gauge the right place to drop, experts recommend watching the cargo plane when it’s starting to pinpoint the beginning of the circle rightly. Once you can locate that through the map, it will be easy to know the hot spots where more players will land. 

In the beginning, you can avoid these spots and land elsewhere. But when you’ve honed your skills more, you can improve your fighting skills by landing in hot spots. 

2. Fight when it’s necessary. 

If you want to live longer on the Warzone, pick the fights you engage in, and these must be when it’s unavoidable. Dropping 150 players on one map to win a single crown is not an adventure for weaklings. You can’t singlehandedly kill all the others. That’s why people fight in duos or trios.  

However, even if you’re not alone, try to avoid unnecessary fights. Make sure you steer clear of confrontations until the map shrinks to the point you can’t avoid others. That’s not to say you can’t kill enemies that attack you. Simply do that but don’t seek them out. Remember, even you enter the Gulag, if you lose, you’re out of the game. So, protect your neck s much as you can at the beginning. 

3. Use the right tools 

Guns and attachments are great to have in Warzone but don’t forget the perks. This game has many, but the one that will help you survive longer is the Ghost perk. This perk hides you from detection. It stops all the detection tools in the game, such as the Radar Drones, UAVs, and Heartbeat Sensors, from detecting you when it’s active. 

You can add this tool to your loadout if your aim is to survive. But let’s remind you that other players using Advanced UAVs can spot you. Also, COD developers increased the speed at which you must move to keep the perk active. So now, you can’t activate it while crouching or when you’re moving and aiming guns at a target. If you are using sniper rifles, assault rifles, or LMGs with Stack attachment, your Ghost perk won’t be active. But if you have shotguns or SMGs, you can keep it active. 

4. Always protect your location.

 If you don’t want to die faster, always protect your location from other players. One of the ways to do that is by minimizing the amount of noise you make in the game. Almost everything you do in Warzone emits noises. For instance, if you open windows and doors forcefully, there will be noise. Also, if you sprint instead of walking, you’ll be giving away your location. ‘

Therefore, whenever you’re approaching the hot zones, try to crouch-walk. If you must sprint in the game, do it in open places. Also, make sure that you can use the sounds of other players to locate them and avoid them. 

5. Don’t stay in a spot too long. 

Apart from other players trying to kill you, don’t forget the gas around the map. If you’re caught outside the safe zone when the circle closes, you will die. So, no matter what you do, keep moving, and if you must camp, change your spots frequently. 

To be on the safe side, always check the minimap to follow the gas movement. That way, you can avoid the gas even as you try hard to avoid the players. 

6. Avoid the solo play

If you want to survive longer in Warzone, land with other people. Playing solo might sound like a challenging adventure to consider. However, when you’re playing alone, you might die too early in the game. 

So, try to get some people protecting your back. That way, you can use more firepower and also revive one another quickly. Moreover, if someone enters the gulag and dies there, others can help him out with in-game cash. All these are not possible for solo players. 


Even though the COD Warzone is tough, you can still make it alive. With these pro tips above, players can last longer in the game. Just make sure to avoid any action that’ll expose you to unnecessary fights.  

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