5 Good Mobile Games for the Holidays

There are around 2.4 billion mobile gamers globally, which is about 30% of the entire population. 

New games pop up every day, and with so much to choose from, it can be challenging to find the mobile games of your dreams. If you’re looking for some entertainment this holiday season, it’s time to learn about the five hottest holiday games. 

But, no need to trawl through the app store for hours on end trying to find the perfect game; we’re here to identify some good mobile games to get you in the festive spirit and keep you entertained. 

Read on to find out more. 

1. Christmas Cookie

If you loved Candy Crush, this is the revamped Christmas version. Match up lines of cookies, Santa hats, and Christmas trees to earn power-ups and clear the board. 

This game has 700 levels and is guaranteed to have you excusing yourself over Christmas dinner to have a quick attempt at leveling up. 

2. Winter Solitaire

Whether you play with cards or on your phone, solitaire is a classic game that everyone enjoys.

Now, you can enjoy this Christmas-themed, winter-wonderland of a solitaire game. Filled with festive imagery and randomized decks, this game will provide you with hours of fun. 

3. The Gift of Magi

If you prefer a story-line based game, you’ll love the gift of Magi. This winter tale begins as an evil spirit takes your sister, and it’s your task to rescue her in time for a family Christmas. 

This is a hidden object game with great achievements to unlock, gripping imagery, and tantalizing decisions to be made. The Gift of Magi is free for both Android and iOS, so there’s really no excuse not to download it – you won’t regret it. 

4. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Everyone loves a puzzle at Christmas. However, it’s game over when the toddler, dog, or drunken uncle sends your almost completed jigsaw onto the floor and back into its original 1000 pieces. 

The answer? The best mobile games are virtual jigsaw puzzles. Choose from a range of Christmas-themed puzzles, save space, and don’t fret about missing pieces!  

5. Candy Bubble 

If you remember the classic bubble shooting computer game of the early 2000s, get ready for this modern take by GameMine. 

In Candy Bubble, you’ll be helping a princess and her dog pop bubbles a quickly as possible – as you gain points, you’ll progress to the next level and unlock surprises as you go! 

Good Mobile Games to Get You Feeling Festive

So, you wanted ideas for some good mobile games to play this holiday season? Well, there you have all the hottest games to play right now! 

What are you waiting for? Time to visit your app store and get downloading. Put in enough practice, and you can be soaring up those mobile gaming leader boards in no time. 

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