5 Best Roles Associated With CompTIA Certification Pathway

Countless times people are faced with endless obstacles at the workplace, some of which might even impede career growth in the long run. For instance, you could be wondering if this is the right time to finally get enrolled in that mesmerizing college program. Or maybe you should quit your current job altogether and start from Exam-Labs .

If such thoughts have ever crossed your mind on a few occasions, you will want to read this article to the end. That’s because, here, you will get comprehensive coverage of the 5 best career options for the CompTIA accredited professionals.

Service desk analysts are entry-level IT specialists tasked with providing clients and end-users with continued technical support. These individuals are responsible for responding to customer queries, supporting hardware, software, and network issues, and performing general software updates and installations. According to reliable online sources including CompTIA Network+ Practice Test , these individuals possess a solid technical acumen and earn an average salary of $45,336 per year. On top of that, some of the leading companies that will be keen to hire these specialists include Intel, RICOH, NISSAN, and HP. For this, you will only need to obtain the CompTIA A+ certificate.

  • Network Engineer

Network engineers are the most trusted IT pros responsible for maintaining computer networks, providing technical support, alongside handling hardware and software issues. Furthermore, every network engineer is involved in the monitoring of network activity, maintaining network security, and troubleshooting issues with computer networks. According to PayScale.com, this specialist will earn an average salary of CompTIA A+ Practice Test per year. Moreover, if the network engineer has an official accreditation like CompTIA Network+, s/he can be hired by a variety of reputable companies such as Canon, Dell, and Apple.

  • Security Administrator

A typical security administrator leads a competent cyber security team and oversees the installation, administration, and troubleshooting processes. As well, s/he will be tasked with designing security policies for the organization, defending security systems from possible attacks, and scanning networks to detect vulnerabilities. Generally speaking, the job scope of a security administrator will cover all security-related skills that you can develop through the CompTIA Security+ designation. Moreover, CompTIA Network+ N10-007 highly these specialists and claims that they can get an average of $81,230 per year.

  • Systems Administrator

With their key role in ensuring the smooth running of IT operations in many organizations, systems administrators are truly the unsung heroes of the modern digital landscape. These individuals will be there to not only ensure the safety of the company’s critical networking components but also to effectively upgrade hardware and software systems. Also, they perform data backup and recovery as well as maintain core business processes including email, web server, LANs, and WANs. Subsequently, according to the PayScale.com site, these pros can earn up to 89k a year. And if you prove your expertise with an official CompTIA Server+ accreditation, you can guarantee yourself a place at companies like Lenovo, XEROX, and Microsoft.

  • Security Analyst

Meanwhile, security analysts will participate in the monitoring, prevention, and stopping of security attacks on data. These individuals are responsible for creating and implementing network firewalls, detecting vulnerabilities in network systems, and preventing potential breaches in the future. As reported by multiple sources including ZipRecruiter.com, a typical security analyst earns an average income of $99,815 per year. What’s more, according to CompTIA, most of the candidates who complete their CASP+ qualification track will be hired by a range of companies including Target, Splunk>, and ExxonMobil.

The Bottom Line

So, do you still have any doubts about your career prospects after obtaining CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 ? As you understand, there are tremendous professional opportunities in front of you at every stage of your qualification track. The important thing is to identify your goals and enroll in your first accreditation exam. Go for it!

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