4 Home Improvement Trends on the Rise in 2024 

As the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many homeowners are staying put and updating their existing homes. Interior room remodels, home system upgrades and outdoor renovations are among the most popular projects homeowners will tackle in 2024. Getting a home warranty quote is important when buying a new home so it can protect you in the event of a costly home repair. 

Updates that improve a home’s energy efficiency are also trending, as homeowners seek to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Kitchens & Bathrooms 

Homeowners continue to seek comfort and function in the rooms they use most. Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is a top priority as families look for ways to make their homes reflect who they are and fit the way they live. 

Spa bathrooms are on the rise, with soft warm lighting, rain shower heads and large soaking tubs that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Darker shades are also seeing a revival, with moody hallmarks of Mid-Century Modern design appearing in both kitchens and baths. 

In the kitchen, touchless or voice-activated appliances are on the rise along with natural countertops and backsplashes. Cork flooring is another mega home reno trend in 2023, thanks to its eco credentials, sustainable sourcing and heat-retaining properties. Homeowners are also rethinking how they use their living spaces, turning garages into combo game rooms and home gyms and remodeling basements into teen hangouts and extra bedrooms. Homeowners are also focusing on energy efficiency with eco-friendly improvements like solar panels, smart HVAC systems and low-flush toilets. 

Outdoor Living Spaces 

As homeowners seek to enjoy time outdoors, landscape designers are designing more outdoor sanctuaries. They’re creating seating areas with a specific purpose to maximize backyard space, like outdoor kitchens and fire pits. In addition, natural stone paths are a popular choice, as they complement the surrounding environment and add a timeless elegance. 

Homeowners are also adding landscaping to protect their homes from extreme weather events, such as flooding and wildfires. They’re also making upgrades to increase their home’s resilience, such as raising properties in flood zones and installing hurricane windows in coastal communities. 

As energy costs continue to rise, eco-friendly improvements are a growing trend in 2023. Homeowners are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by installing smart HVAC systems, using more energy-efficient appliances and adding low-flush toilets. Additionally, they’re choosing more natural-looking materials, such as wood and rattan furniture.

Resilience & Safety 

After spending so much time at home during lockdowns and quarantines, many homeowners are focusing on updating their homes to better accommodate their lifestyles and work-from-home needs. They also want their homes to reflect their personal styles and aesthetics. 

Curves are all the rage in 2024, particularly in doorways and windows. In addition to adding a sense of visual balance to the home, these curves add a hint of elegance and sophistication. This reno trend isn’t just for doors, however, and can be found in wallpapers, mirrors and wall art. 

In 2024, we expect to see a rise in home improvement projects that improve energy efficiency, such as replacing traditional grass lawns with xeriscaping. Updates that help reduce water usage are also on the rise, as are those that promote safety and security like installing smoke detectors or rekeying locks. 


For many families, home renovation projects can be overwhelming. But choosing a home remodeler with an experienced team and a clear vision from the start can make it easier to achieve your goals. 

Homeowners are also increasingly interested in energy-efficient appliances and windows, water-saving features, solar panels and eco-friendly products. Families want to reduce their utility bills, waste less and live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Adding storage is another popular 2024 home improvement trend for homeowners. This could include new closets, pantry shelving or a custom built-in office area for working from home. This is especially true for those who are therapists, consultants, tutors or other professionals who meet clients in their home offices. 

Curves are a big design feature this year, with arches in doorways, windows and even wallpapers. Round edges and curves are also seen in kitchen islands, vanities, hallways and bathrooms. A nod to classic architecture, these curved accents add beauty and character.

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