3 Things You Should Know About the KDrama – Now, We’re Breaking Up

Love stories are a specialty in the Korean drama world. With sites like Viki.com, the interest of many people across the globe are joining every day to watch the latest Korean dramas in 2021. Though some love stories end happily ever after, others can be heartbreaking to many of the viewers that are following along with every scene.

With that being said, if you are interested in love stories that may take you on a roller coaster ride, you may like watching famous actresses like Song Hye Kyo at her best. To find more information about the drama ‘Now, We’re Breaking up’, and the continuous series that is presently on, you should check out ¬†https://www.viki.com/tv/38190c-now-we-are-breaking-up. Actually, as this story begins with the leader of the fashion design team, this actress looks like she has it all. From the high level of intelligence that makes anyone look good at their jobs to the beauty that many women would love to have, nothing appears to be lacking with the exception of a warm heart and personality. Instead, this team leader is seen as being cold and disconnected as she carries out her role in the fashion industry.

Having said this, here are a few things that you may want to know about her life and her main love interest.

  1. Drama Presently On Now for Viewership

This story does not begin in Seoul or any other place in Korea. Instead, the scene for this drama begins in the most popular places for new fashion. And, that is in the heart of Paris, France. Therefore, when this scene opens, Song Hye Kyo is speaking in a french language instead of Korean or English. She also appears to be very fluent in this language since she is communicating back and forth with a stranger that she just met in this city.

  1. Fashion Industry is Presented in a Behind the Scene Venue

Like most Korean dramas, you will have a chance to see a behind the scene view of a specific industry. In fact, once these writers complete these series, you will have an opportunity to see if this job or career fits into your aspirations, too. In fact, Korean dramas usually do a very good job of helping you to experience a realistic picture of some things that you may actually want to do in your future. For instance, the wealthy good looking photographer (i.e. Jang Ki Yong) that she meets early on in this series, gives you a chance to see what goes on in the background. Specifically, in the fashion industry photo sessions.

  1. Number of Series in Now, We’re Breaking Up

It is also important to note that there are 16 episodes in this series. And, presently the viewers in the U.S. are able to see 9 episodes that have been completed to date. The last episodes for this series are scheduled to end in January (January 8, 2022). Therefore, viewers will not have a chance to see how this romantic Kdrama ends until that time.

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