3 Great Career Options for Gamers

Gaming was once seen as a children’s pastime and the idea of being a professional gamer was outlandish only a few decades ago. But things have changed so much in such a small period. Gaming is now a truly viable career option and thousands of gamers are making a living out of it today. The industry is so vast and keeps expanding and offers tons of career options for people whether they want to play, make, or speak on games. Let’s take a look at a few you could consider.

Gaming Streamer

Game streaming is one of the most popular ways to earn income as a gamer. You don’t necessarily have to be a wiz to make it either. A lot of players are rather mediocre when it comes to gaming but have an infectious personality. In fact, many streamers are all personality and use gaming as an excuse to create content.

If you’re actually talented, however, and you have a good personality on top of it, then you have a very good chance of succeeding as a streamer.

Everything starts with your setup. You will first need to find a solid PC for gaming and streaming. The machine needs to have a good GPU, of course, but good RAM and a powerful processor too. If we were to recommend one brand for gaming and streaming PCs, we would suggest you look at Lenovo Streaming PCs. 

Game Console Repair Business

If you like to get down and dirty and are always up for a challenge, then you could also start a gaming equipment repair business. You could run this business from home or set up shop somewhere. If you want to work from a storefront, you could find a space in your city or set up a kiosk at a flea market.

The cool part about becoming a console repair person is that you can learn how to perform pretty much any repair on YouTube. All you need to do next is find the parts needed. You will also need to invest in a basic gaming repair toolkit, but these are pretty cheap. You could start working independently on small projects until you get comfortable and work your way up as you gain experience.

Gaming Blogger

Becoming a blogger is a great option if you have some writing skills and you’re truly passionate about gaming. Choosing the right niche is very important here since there are so many different blogs out there, so consider niching down. Try to pick something you like as it will make writing much easier.

If there’s a particular franchise that you like, then you could go in-depth about its history and only write content revolving around it, for instance. You could also focus on other aspects of gaming, like programming, professional gaming, esports betting, or any area you feel would have a sizable audience that is somewhat underserved.

These are all career options you could consider if you wanted to make a living from gaming. If one of these sparks your interest, we suggest you speak with people in those spaces and ask as many questions as you can.

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