YouTube Videos Blocked? What To Do?

Over 30 million people use YouTube every day, making it the world’s biggest video-sharing platform. Sometimes, you may not be able to watch a video on YouTube because it is private or because the YouTube channel is disabled. We have all the information you need on how to watch blocked YouTube videos.

There are times when you’ll try and watch a music video, trailer, or gameplay clip on YouTube only to receive the message: ‘This video is not available in your country.’

One of the most common mistakes people make is thinking that all YouTube videos are available worldwide. But that’s not exactly true. In addition to user-generated content, YouTube hosts licensed content as well, such as movies and TV shows that are only licensed for specific regions.

As a result, sometimes a video isn’t available in your country. It is annoying to sometimes be forced to purchase or rent a video that can be seen for free elsewhere in the world.

The good news is that there are ways to bypass YouTube’s regional filter and watch videos blocked in your country. Read on to find out how.

Here’s how you can watch blocked YouTube videos:

It’s quite frustrating when you can’t play your favourite YouTube channel’s new video since the uploader didn’t enable the video to play in your country.

YouTube Help explains that some YouTube videos get blocked in your country for the following reasons:

The content of some video channels may be available only to certain countries (usually due to the licensing rights of the channel) or YouTube may have blocked certain content in accordance with local laws.

Get around YouTube’s regional filter

Sometimes YouTube videos are filtered by country. Videos that are considered sensitive may be blocked in your region. YouTube’s regional filter can be bypassed using Hooktube.

Hooktube – What is it?

With Hooktube, you can watch any video on YouTube without restrictions based on region or age. Hooktube loads faster than YouTube due to its simplified user interface, removing some of the irritating features found in YouTube. This makes watching YouTube videos more enjoyable.

How to Use Hooktube?

  • Simply open the YouTube video of your choice.
  • Now replace “you” in with “hook”, to make the video’s URL:
  • By changing the YouTube URL to Hooktube, you are able to view the blocked YouTube videos and bypass the geographical restrictions.

Make use of a proxy server

Users can bypass YouTube’s regional filter by changing their location to access content from other countries since YouTube has blocked specific content in some countries. Using a proxy server will enable you to hide your current location on YouTube so that you won’t be blocked from watching some specific videos.

Proxy servers are servers that evaluate requests for some services from clients. Some web pages can be accessed without revealing your IP address using a proxy server.

This allows you to remain anonymous online.

The proxy server will help protect your privacy and allow you to watch blocked YouTube videos. When you use YouTube, your location can be changed to a proxy IP address by using a proxy server. Using this method, YouTube will think you are based in the proxy IP address, and you will be able to watch videos without any restrictions.

Install a VPN program.

When you browse websites using a proxy server, your traffic may not be encrypted and your information could be leaked. A VPN offers better protection than a proxy server.

VPNs, also known as virtual private networks, enable you to access the Internet privately. It can allow you to access geo-restricted YouTube videos. Also, with a VPN, you can view any content on the web that is blocked in your country. You can hide your IP address, change your IP address, and access websites that are blocked by your ISP.

Therefore, the easiest fix would be to use a reliable VPN. We recommend using iTop VPN to unblock YouTube videos since its performance is unbeatable.

Conclusions – Is unblocking YouTube legal?

Yes, but not everywhere. Bypassing a firewall set up by your workplace or school is not illegal, but you may face consequences. It might be illegal in some countries to access region-restricted videos that have been censored because of national censorship.

Regardless of why you want to unblock YouTube, you should use a VPN in order to protect your online identity.

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