Why online casino games are changing

Casino games started back in the days with the classic fruit machines that still can be found in every casino or online casino. These fruit machines are said to be dated back from the late 19th century, invented in the United States. More than 100 years later they are still popular, also in online casinos. However, the tides are changing and a new type of games are getting more popular. That is why the Best online casino Australia is looking for the newest games on the market.

Console games influence the casino industry

Console games like games played on the PlayStation influenced the way how the new generation likes to play game. The new generation did not grew by playing card games. They grew up playing Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and FIFA. Therefore, they are less attracted to the traditional casino games such as fruit machines and card games like Blackjack. They are more used to skill games where you can influence the outcome of the game. The industry is therefore investing in providing the users with a new type of casino games. Even the Best Australian online casino is looking to ways for attracting the new generation into their casino.

Crypto used in casino games

A good example of this development are the crash games that started in the online crypto casinos. Which mainly targets a younger target audience. Crash games were developed at these platforms where the audience are looking to gamble in such way that they have an influence in the outcome of the game. Crash games are a good example of how game developers are developing the games that are matching with the wants and needs of the customers. But how does this crash game work?

You must place your bet before a game round starts. The amount that you would like to bet is entirely up to you. This can vary from as little as under 1 AUD to up to 10,000 AUD or even more. It depends on the size of the casino how large you can bet on this game. Once bets are closed, the multiplier game starts running. The multiplier always starts at 1 (which means you get 1 dollar in return when betting 1 dollar), and begins to increase gradually over time. The multiplier starts counting from 1 to 1.1 etc where the multiplier can get to 100 or even more. You can withdraw from the race at any time, cashing out your bet. Once you stop the game, your bet will be calculated based on the current multiplier at the time of withdrawal. If you stop the game when the multiplier is at 15. You get 15 times your initial bet. If you don´t stop the game in time, the multiplier will eventually stop by itself at a randomly determined number generated by an unpredictable computer algorithm. If the multiplier stops, the game crashes and you lose your initial bet. Which means this game is a combination of luck and partially your own influence. If you cash out too early, and your winnings might not be worth the risk. However, if you wait too long, you risk going home empty-handed.

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