What You Should Be Doing to Step Up Your Instagram Presence

Among the many social platforms online. Instagram has a thriving community and is an active platform. People love using the platform to enjoy the visual content it offers. Therefore, to attract more followers, get likes from real Instagrammers, and make a name for yourself. Look for new ideas on how and what to post. Plus, you can do a lot with a personal or business account to improve the content and interact with your followers. Below are tips to help you step up your Instagram presence. Want to increase your social media visibility but do not know where to start? Mixx has got your back, buy instagram likes and build your dedicated following.

Post photo collages

You can try out what most people do and post photos as collages. The Instagram app has a collage maker to make yours or use a third-party app to do the same for a single post. Through the photo collages. You can tell your story and others through the photos. Plus, it is better than posting a photo separately, combining the pictures to showcase various scenes of the same event.

Edit captions

It is vital if you leave something out or notice any mistake, you edit your captions. For a long time, it was a challenge to edit a caption. To do it, you had to start over and repost it correctly. However, it is possible now, and this is one of the things you should be doing now. When you edit your captions, you look like you care about your posts and what people read from your posts. Another reason to edit is to remove or add hashtags. Also, you can tag people you want to see.

Increase exposure by using shout outs

Users with a similar following agree to partner up and promote each other. Using shout-outs they can do this and increase followers and the exposure of each other. The agreement can be to post each other’s videos or photos for a while. Part of the agreement is requesting the followers to follow the user. Shout outs are best because they are an effective and fast way to grow an Instagram following. The only disadvantage is you need to continuously post others’ content and tell them to follow them. But, your partner is doing the same, and it is a win-win situation.

Use appropriate hashtags

Because everyone is now using hashtags, they are beneficial on Instagram to get the theme content you want to view. While using them, you get a way to filter your results based on phrases or keywords. The reason to use hashtags is that people search for them all the time. Therefore, as an Instagram user in need of presence. Incorporate a few hashtags on some of your attractive photos or videos relevant to the post to increase engagement and get more followers.

Stay on top of trends 

In the start, Instagram users used filters to make images look vintage. But, now, filters are not as hot as they were. There are newer trends, such as posting high-quality photos, posting landscapes and portraits. It is beneficial to keep up with trends to ensure your engagement does not suffer. Remember, on social media, things move fast. Therefore, the trends today may not be as cool tomorrow. So, ensure your content remains current and fresh.

Publish at the right time

To make sure your followers see your posts. Consider the time you publish them. People may be looking through their phones every time, but there is a better day in the week and an optimal time to make posts. So, pay attention to when you post, if you want to get as much engagement and if you want people to see your content. Once you know when your potential audience is most active, you can generate more likes and views. Plus, be on top of trends as they can change from one year to the next on when to post and wait.

To conclude, it is vital to know things you should be doing on Instagram to boost your presence and increase your followers. Once you get familiar with what works and what does not, it is easier to see growth on your page. Try some of the above tips, and you will notice the difference in your Instagram following, engagement, and overall presence.

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