What Is The Role Of Scatters In Slots?

In slot machines, a “scatter” symbol is a regular feature that pays out for any three or more appearing anywhere on the reels. When a player gets a certain number of scatter symbols on the reels, they receive a payout based on the total stake. Scatter symbols can also start bonus rounds or give you extra multipliers, especially in wizard slot games. Even though scatter symbols aren’t in every slot game, they are pretty common in online slots. 

Why Slots Feature Scatter Symbols

Understanding the function of each symbol in a gambling game is vital. In online slot games, scatter symbols act as a kind of best friend, helping you open up extra features and winning combos. 

There are a few ways the scatter symbol stands out from the bunch. Scatter symbols serve primarily to keep players engaged with the slot’s gameplay. The scatter symbol is profitable regardless of where it lands about the active payline. Also, wild symbols can’t take their place. 

How do the Scatter Slots work?

The scatters’ precise role varies greatly depending on the slot being played. So, let’s say you’re playing a traditional slot machine that doesn’t have scatters and luck isn’t on your side. Then, to activate the extra features, you’ll need to line up specific symbols on the reels. Scatter slots, on the other hand, have no such limitations. In truth, all it takes to win is for a specific number of scatters to appear on the reels at the same time. All that’s needed to get your hands on any cash awards or bonuses is that! When a scatter bonus is triggered, you can get one of the following things. 

Free Spins

It’s safe to say that free spins are the most sought-after bonus game feature triggered by a scatter. The outcome will be highly influenced by the amount of scatters you can achieve. But often, the number of free spins awarded is between 5 and 15. Playing at a top-tier gambling website, you can expect that most scatter slots will require three or more scatters to activate free spins. There could be some that only need 2. If you get 3 scatters, you may get 5 scatter slots free spins. 4 scatters provide 10 free spins, and 5 will win 15 free games! 


Once you’ve already gotten some free spins in the first round, you could get more. If you’re lucky enough to get additional scatter symbols, of course. We should note that the scatter re-spin bonus is only accessible during the slot machine’s free spins round. 


You can find jackpot slots on both online and physical slot machines. However, you can expect them in nearly all modern online slot machines. If you get three of them on a payline, you’ll win 15 extra spins. Remember that you can’t win the highest jackpot until you’re in the bonus game. In Mega Moolah from Microgaming, the monkey is the scatter symbol. 

Extra Points

The bonus game is activated by getting three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Free spins are a common reward in these bonus rounds. Some online casinos do allow players to win both jackpots and multipliers. 

Wheel of Fortune

You may unlock a special bonus round in some slot machines that involves spinning the Wheel of Fortune. You can win more prizes by giving the wheel a spin. Examples of this are multipliers, additional credits, and even additional free spins. Depending on your slot machine, you may also win a substantial jackpot. 


Multipliers are based on a straightforward concept. They increase the value of your starting wager. The number of times this can happen can vary greatly. Again, the best way to find real numbers is to peruse the paytable. Anything from two to five scattered symbols is expected to result in a bonus. As a general rule, the greater the number of scatters, the greater the multipliers you may earn. Remember that the multiplier only applies to money you’ve already won in that round. This means that it will not increase your overall betting session profits.

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