What are the difficulties with AI models?

Artificial intelligence is a development that is evolving very actively.  However, it does have its disadvantages and difficulties.  And we will talk about them today.

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Artificial intelligence significantly improves many of the processes in which it is applied.  However, it is a technology that also creates some issues that you should be aware of to solve in the best possible way.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence consists of endowing machines with intelligence.  That is, to give machines the ability to solve problems or perform complex tasks, as a person would do.  In addition, when this artificial intelligence is combined with machine learning (the ability of intelligent machines to learn on their own), we are faced with the most efficient robots when it comes to doing almost any job.  Today there are already several examples of artificial intelligence that give very good results when combined with this technology.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Limitations of Adaptation: Unlike humans, AI machines do not have adaptive abilities.  For example, in crises or changing conditions, machines have a very limited ability to adapt and solve problems.  However, this is a problem that is likely to be solved in the future thanks to machine learning.  Although at the moment it continues to be a significant drawback when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Contributes to unemployment: While the use of artificial intelligence can encourage people to focus on harder tasks and greater responsibility, in many cases its use can lead to unemployment.  This problem exists especially in the case of low-skilled work when intelligent machines perform it much more efficiently than any human worker.

They have a high cost: at present, the use of machines equipped with artificial intelligence is still high.  Therefore, its application requires large economic costs in addition to the costs associated with its maintenance.  However, this is a problem that can be solved as the technology needed to make and use it becomes more democratic and its development becomes cheaper.

Lacks a moral perspective: Another disadvantage of using artificial intelligence is that it cannot distinguish between good and evil.  Intelligent machines are only limited to performing the task for which they have been programmed.

Therefore, their actions depend solely on the previous programming, and they cannot make value judgments if used in a morally dubious manner.

In conclusion, both advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence can be found, making it sometimes a contentious issue that requires deep analysis from both a utilitarian and ethical point of view.  At present, it seems obvious that the advantages of using artificial intelligence are greater than its disadvantages.  However, it is clear that engineers and designers, as well as society in general, must take into account the aforementioned shortcomings to counter them.

Artificial intelligence is not going anywhere, and gradually it penetrates more and more areas of our daily lives.  How will this change the society we live in?  What will be the evolution of intelligent machines in the coming years?  What new advantages and disadvantages will its popularization bring?  The answer is complex, but no doubt it will depend on a key element: the use we want to give it.

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