Venezuela food | 7 Must-try dishes of Venezuela

Venezuela, a country located in the northern part of the South American Continent, is popular throughout the world, due to its jaw-dropping scenery, landscapes, and gorgeous countryside. But that is not the only thing it is well known for,  ignoring the political instability of Venezuela, it is a country that is home to numerous world-famous delicacies. Venezuela Food is considered to be among the most delicious in the world, and here travelila will let you know the top 7 must-try dishes of Venezuela.

1.   Arepa:

One of the most native dishes from Venezuela which tastes amazing. This mouth-watering delicacy is made from corn-based bread and can be cooked in various methods. You can bake it, fry it, grill it and have it however you want.

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These can be stuffed with ingredients of your choice and are a versatile dish that will match your liking. Fillings might include eggs, beans, beef, cheese, or even avocado, to match your taste. You can have it as a main dish with elaborate fillings or as a side dish to compliment another dish, depending on your wish. This dish’s flexibility helped it gain massive popularity and is one of the signature dishes of Venezuelan cuisine.

2.   Pabellón Criollo:

A traditional Venezuela food, the Pabellón Criollo is the national dish of the country representing the essence of diversity and unity through it. It is made from white rice, shredded beef, black beans, and fried ripe plantain garnished with shredded white cheese and avocado slices. This dish gained widespread popularity and is enjoyed by not only locals but also tourists, as a must-have when visiting Venezuela.

The dish can be improvised to a certain degree to match your taste and a few popular variations of this dish are available. The Pabellón has the ideal balance of flavors and is guaranteed to unleash a burst of flavors when consumed.

3.   Hallacas:

Being of the most complicated dishes in the arsenal of Venezuelan cuisine, the Hallacas are a delicacy worth trying. Consisting of a corn dough that is wrapped in plantain and filled with a customizable stuffing referred to as “Guiso” by locals, which is made from beef, olives, pork, and other ingredients of your choice.

Hallacas are insanely popular during Christmas and are a must-have, served alongside some butter and ham bread, to have a culinary experience worth remembering. The Hallacas are another versatile dish, and are unique for every family in Venezuela.

4.   Tequeños:

This Venezuelan delicacy is a cultural take on mozzarella sticks, which is improvised and considerably tastier. These sticks are made with a pastry crust surrounding the white cheese core, which is then fried or baked depending on your will. They are consumed alongside dipping sauce, among them, the guasacaca, a native sauce, is a favorite.

The Tequeños are a very common and popular snack across the country and can be found in Venezuelan food trucks, bars, and restaurants. In case you are curious about its name, it originated from a town known by the name of Los Teques, where it was created and started to gain popularity from.

5.   Pan de jamón:

Pan de Jamón, also known as Ham bread is a common Venezuelan dish, which is popularly served alongside Hallacas during Christmas. This must-have holiday delicacy also underwent multiple variations, but versatility is one of the key features of Venezuelan cuisine.

It is a soft bread, made from sweet dough rolled in ham slices, olives, and raisins and baked appropriately. A cooked Pan de Jamón does not even last a few hours on the table during holidays and has a true mouth-watering smell complimented by its attractive looks.

6.   Cachapa:

As simple as it may sound, the Cachapa is a Venezuelan variation of pancakes, which seems like a hybrid between regular cakes and pancakes, created from corn. The Cachapa is another traditional Venezuelan food and is consumed alongside handmade cheese as fillings and cream or butter to top it off.

It tastes just enough sweet and just enough salty, to achieve a perfectly harmonic taste which makes it popular in restaurants. It can be consumed along with various side dishes, whichever makes your taste buds tingle.

7.   Bollo Pelón:

Bollo Pelón is delicious Venezuelan food, which is corn dough filled with beef stew. It is a year-round delicacy but is hard to find in restaurants, Venezuelan food trucks, and whenever you go to have food in Venezuela. This staple and simple is easy to make and perfect food for all ages.

It consists of a ball of dough which is stuffed with beef stew, and some variations also incorporate chicken stew to match their taste. Then they are boiled and served alongside tangy sauces and grated cheese on top. It is served throughout thousands of homes in Venezuela and is a must-have if you can get your hands on a Bollo Pelón.

These were the 7 must-try dishes of Venezuela which contain both traditional cuisines, enriched with the essence of their culture and diversity as well as popular snacks and staple foods which are loved by millions of locals in Venezuela and should not be missed on. If you are a foodie, and you like to experience new tastes, you must try these dishes. You will surely fall in love with their tastes.

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